My first week on the body coach 90 day SSS plan

Hey everyone and happy bank holiday to everyone in the UK. Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine! I wanted to write this blog as a few people have asked me about the new plan I am doing. I have been wondering whether or not to embark on this 90 day plan as it isnt cheap,Continue reading “My first week on the body coach 90 day SSS plan”

Intermittent fasting

Hey everyone so the sun is actually shining today in the uk today and it’s making me excited for summer! We have booked our family summer holiday to Tenerife in June and I have started my summer diet a few weeks back. I’ve been cutting out be alcohol completely for the last 3 weeks andContinue reading “Intermittent fasting”

Keeping fit whilst pregnant is hard!

I feel deflated….just been to the gym and felt so unfit for the first time in a long time. Weighed myself when I got there and I have gained 2lbs which is fine but I think after trying to lose weight and keep fit for the last year or so to then gain a stoneContinue reading “Keeping fit whilst pregnant is hard!”