Full body pregnancy workout (28weeks)

Hi all not done a home workout for a week or two and really noticing the difference now I an growing to the size of a whale! Haha, the bump ia starting to make my workouts that little harder but i managed to squeeze in a workout in the garage last night. I started withContinue reading “Full body pregnancy workout (28weeks)”

Killer buns and inner thighs

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Today is proper miserable monday in march weather but saturday was glorious sunshine and it got me really excited for summer. 🌞 I do like winter but I am over it by now. My legs are heavy today after yesturday’s home garage workout. Wanted toContinue reading “Killer buns and inner thighs”

Lower body workout…with bump!

Hi everyone! Today I got to go to the gym as usual so I did a lower body workout, focusing on my thighs and bum. This was my routine.. Warm up 10 mins walking on treadmill 20 x weighted walking lunges with a 10kg bar 10 x donkey kicks followed by 10 x fire hydrants. (EachContinue reading “Lower body workout…with bump!”

Pregnancy Upper Body Workout

On Friday I got to go to the gym and do an upper body workout. As I get bigger it gets harder to fit in the cardio; I am getting slightly out of breath but I have been walking this week with Macie in the pushchair a few times so will definitely keep this up. In thisContinue reading “Pregnancy Upper Body Workout”