My first week on the body coach 90 day SSS plan

Hey everyone and happy bank holiday to everyone in the UK. Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine! I wanted to write this blog as a few people have asked me about the new plan I am doing. I have been wondering whether or not to embark on this 90 day plan as it isnt cheap,Continue reading “My first week on the body coach 90 day SSS plan”

Full body pregnancy workout (28weeks)

Hi all not done a home workout for a week or two and really noticing the difference now I an growing to the size of a whale! Haha, the bump ia starting to make my workouts that little harder but i managed to squeeze in a workout in the garage last night. I started withContinue reading “Full body pregnancy workout (28weeks)”

Home full body workout; Pregnancy approved.

No time for the gym today and no babysitter so I waited till this evening to get my workout in at home when Macie was in bed and Kris had gone to work. Since the bump has grown more, I have moved onto full body workouts rather than focusing on one body part like IContinue reading “Home full body workout; Pregnancy approved.”