Macie turns 4

Evening everyone, hope we are all enjoying the weekend. My oldest daughter Macie turns 4 tomorrow and I’m feeling reflective. I’m not too sure where the last 4 years went but I know becoming a mum changed my life in so many amazing ways. 

Look at that face!! 

She is this crazy little girl who is also kind and caring as well as totally independent. She reminds me so much of myself it’s scary. 

When I became a mum I changed forever. Becoming a mum made me a better person; I now appreciate life and look at the world differently. Not saying being a mum is easy but I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

Happy 4th birthday Macie moo 

I love you xxx

Our first family holiday 

We have currently just finished our first family holiday and loved every minute. Most of you that know us know that we usually go away with family or friends as a group but we decided to brave it just the 4 of us! 2 kiddies under 4 years old, 3 suitcases, 2 push chairs and we are off. 

We chose turkey for its guaranteed weather, amazing hotels and great deals. The weather was amazing pretty much 32 degrees or more each day maybe a little too hot some days but you can’t complain! 

We stayed at the Titanic Lara beach hotel in Antalya and what a fab hotel it was. 

Right on the beach, greats kids area with water slides and a choice of 4 pools including a half sized Olympic pool. 

There were also some water slides for us adults too! Fab entertainment and some brill nights out for anyone with a family younger or older this hotel was fab would recommended it to anyone. 

Now back to the usual routine and back to work on Tuesday. Till the next holiday…

Exercise with kids 

Hi all! Recently I have got back into regular exercise courtesy of my home gym and Ldn muscle. But I do have the say now the girls are able to run around and join in my workouts have become so much more fun! If not a little tricky sometimes.

 Macie is nearly 4 and aayliah 2 next month so they just like to mess around in the garage gym and play with equipment. Macie even likes to bring her “classmates” (teddies and dollies) in to workout and watch what we do. ​

Macie loving the squat rack as a monkey bar above. Getting some use out of those gymnastic sessions! 

Whatever I am doing the girls like to join in, I like to think I’m teaching them to be strong. ​

I want to be able to teach the girls that exercise should be part of our lives each week and that it isn’t to help only make you slim but keep you healthy, physically and mentally and also make you strong. 

When they’re older I hope they can join in with me just like they try to now. I can have the most stressful day but after an hour in the garage gym I feel in top of the world; even with the girls rallying around me. It’s not just the physical benefits! 

I hope to keep this up as not only am I more toned and fitter but I sleep better and eat better for it. I’ve been using the bikini guide now for around 8 weeks and have noticed such a change! I took these pictures below just two weeks apart and the difference is amazing, much more toned and stronger than just two weeks prior!

Even if you have young children, exercise can be incorporated into your life. I wish I had only started earlier to feel the benefits like I do now. Hope this inspires another mummy to do the same. 

Life is cruel 

This week has been rough and we are only on Wednesday! I know lots of people who were affected by the bombings in Manchester and i think I speak for everyone when I say it has saddened the whole of the uk yet again. This is really close to me. Manchester is a place I was in just two weeks ago watching Micky Flanaghan at the MEN arena, it’s somewhere I love to shop, my favourite restaurant is here, some of my favourite bars are in Manchester and we have family there too. My heart really goes out to the people there. 

When will these “terrorist” attacks stop? What gives people the right to kill others in such an i humane way? God knows but it is happening more and more often and I’m sure in the future we will be seeing it more often and more people we know will be affected; maybe even ourselves. 

Seeing the pictures and stories of the lost lives in the last few days has really upset me I cannot get it out of my head. What kind of a world have I brought my children into? What will he future hold for my girls who are now innocent at 3 years and 22 months old? All I know is that I will be bringing my own children up teaching them to respect their neighbour no matter what ethicity or race they are. To respect others as well as themselves. To live each day as if it’s their last. 

My thoughts and prayers go out to those that have lost their lives and the families and friends it has affected. Whilst our lives go on we mustn’t be scared to carry on living and I hope my children have the same views in the future. Go visit the countries you wish, go to that concert, enjoy that night out. At the end of the day we cannot predict the future but we can live for the day and enjoy each second. 

I know this isn’t a fitness related blog post but I feel i had to say my feelings out loud in a hope that everyone who is suffering will look into the future and smile. While we cannot control what will happen but we can do our best to live the happiest life we can.  

Sam xxx

Back to blogging! 

Morning everyone! Missed my blog lately so I am back to it, as most of you know I am a social media geek and am totally obsessed like most of you out there. At the minute I’m obsessing over other bloggers so thought it would give me a kick start writing back on my own. I love to write and I know having this blog helped with my weight loss after my first baby last time; so with 3 holidays looming this summer I am on it! 

I always like a fitness plan so did a little instagram research and found Ldn muscle bikini guide. 16 weeks of torture! Not really I am actually enjoying it! Started off really well then got poorly so had 2 weeks off and started where I left off. The guide can be done at home and if you do not have the equipment they give you a few alternative exercises to do just with dumbells; it really has toned me up! 

The guide has 3 sections for beginner, intermediate and advanced. I chose to follow the intermediate section as I already trained and had done stamina I just needed to push myself further. 

There is also a large section of diet explainations for each beginner, intermediate and advanced followers. I have to admit I haven’t stuck to adding everything into Myfitnesspal as I’ve been struggling with food lately due to stomach problems I’m seeking medical attention for but I have been eating well. 

My sister Charl joined me yesterday for a workout (click to follow her on insta). She is trying to lose two stone of the next 3 months by using slimming world and exercise. It’s great to have support when you have a goal! 

This is my garage we have turned into a home gym since having the kids! Love it and it makes it so much easier to train whenever I like. ​



Back to full press ups for me too! ​


Will be posting more updates and hopefully fitness tips over the next few weeks before I go on holiday! Hopefully this motivates you and like me when I look for motivation if I have a goal and support around me it is so much easier. 

Enjoy your Sunday! I’m off to train in the garage 

Sam xxx

Goals for the week 

Sunday funday is over and after a week of partying, eating and drinking more than I usually would I feel like I need to start again this week…

So here are my goals for the week 

1. Drink more water. Aiming for at least 2 x my hydra8 water bottle.

2. Exercise at least 4 times this week 

3. Eat more salad and less carbs

4. Cut out sweets at least for a week! I have such a sweet tooth.

5. Plan my meals for the day so that I don’t cheat easily! 

Let’s do this!! 


Arghhh cake!!

Happy Sunday! This week has been a tough one when it comes to eating healthy, we have eaten out 3 times and drank a lot more than I usually would but back to it today! I did keep up with my exercise though and have been aiming to workout every other day if I can. 

Kris’s birthday Tuesday led to pizza express for lunch and a meal out to the orange tree bar and grill at night where we shared a 40oz t bone steak…amazing!! Would recommend this restaurant so much, food and service were both great and for a Tuesday night in the middle of January it was packed out.

Thursday night we had a family meal out too and I couldn’t resist the creamy chicken and chorizo pasta along with more birthday cake… Friday night we went out drinking so yesterday I just ate rubbish not good because it doesn’t make you feel great. I’ve definitely noticed that if I’m tired or stressed I definitely want to eat more rubbish. I’m getting better at planning my meals though and workouts so here’s to a better week!

On the plus side I bought more trainers on Tuesday…😍😍😍

And also got back into squatting heavy in the garage gym loving it but so achy for around 2 days after leg day! 

I’ve decided to set some small goals for myself each week to help tone up and maybe plan the days I’m going to workout… off to do some planning while also looking at booking a summer holiday! A goal to get back being toned in a bikini 👙 

Have a great weekend! Xoxo 

My misfit fitness tracker review 

Happy Sunday everyone! I recently wanted to purchase one of the many fitness trackers out there but I wasn’t sure which one I would like or even if I would use it so I decided to purchase a Misift flash from eBay as recommended by my sister. I paid £25 for mine so not a lot at all and it came with a strap to wear as a watch and a clip on to wear on your shoe for example when cycling. 

All you have to do once opened is download the app free on IOS. Really easy to set up adding you name, weight, height and the goals you want to achieve. This fitness tracker is also a sleep monitor and tells you how long you have slept for and how well which I find helpful. 

Here are all of the key features:

Automatically tracks steps, distance, calories, and light and restful sleep

Splashproof disc with red LED progress and time display

Smart button enabled to control connected household devices

Wirelessly syncs with paired smartphone to upload data

Non-charging, replaceable battery lasts up to 6 months

I only received this on Wednesday and I am already addicted. You can also download a separate app for challenges with other misfit uses as added extra to help push yourself daily. I also love the fact you don’t have to wear it just as a watch you can clasp it onto anywhere. 

I wore mine the other night on my trainer so I could test out the new spin bike. 

You can also add different straps too so that wearing it as a watch it will go with many outfits and the fashionista in me loves this! 

Overall I am LOVING my misfit tracker and cannot wait to keep on top of my goals. What a bargain! 

I have not been paid for this review and all thoughts are my own. 

Have a great weekend! Let me know your thoughts on the best fitness tracker out there. Xxx

First workout of 2017!

Today was the day and il regret it tomorrow when I am aching like crazy but had to start somewhere. I’ve not exercised properly in months and really miss it; it not only makes me feel better, it’s helps me sleep better and over time feel more energetic. 

While Macie was napping in the living room, Kris and I took aayliah into our garage gym. Leg day it was and off we went, squats, lunges, hamstring curls the lot and now I’m knackered! Hopefully this will be the beginning of a fitter and healthier life as it was after I had my first baby Macie. 

Aayliah had to join in for a picture or two! She wouldn’t leave me alone but let her daddy do his sets; mummy’s girl today. 

Using mainly body weight as not quite ready for any added weight yet. This was quite enough using plyo metric techniques such as squat jumps to get the heart racing too. Aayliah was the only added weight during some sets, little monkey. 

Kris was my trainer helping me to push myself and showing me a few new exercises and techniques to mix it up. Love working out with my hubby it really helps and gives me a better workout. 

My diet has been pretty good too today so this also helps. Breakfast consisted of porridge oats mixed with almond milk and agave nectar, lunch was a skinny latte with sugarfree caramel syrup (we were out and about so skipped a proper lunch which is naughty!). Dinner was roast chicken, sweet potato mash and veg with gravy. Overall pretty good. Should not skip lunch though! 

Weighed myself this morning too. 9 stone 2.5lbs. I am not too concerned with what I weigh I just want to tone up but it’s good to get an idea of what I weigh. For my height (5″2) this is well within my healthy bmi range. 

I hope that by keeping up with my blog and other social media it helps to hold myself accountable for my healthier actions and keeps me on track as I was before. Maybe it will even inspire other mums to do this same! Here’s to a great beginning to the new year! 

Sam xxx

Starting over

Hi all! I haven’t written a post for so long I’m not sure where to start. Life is hectic and I wish it would slow down; Aayliah is 19 months and Macie was 3 in September…where does the time go? We have just returned from a family holiday to Cuba for Xmas and what an amazing time we had. The kids were hard work but at the same time major fun this holiday and they did so well on the flight over there.


I wanted to write a blog post as a bit of a kick start into the new year! Fitness has really fallen in the last year or so and I do miss it, I need to make it a priority in my life again so I have decided to start again! Kris and I cancelled both of our gym memberships last year due to finding it hard with childcare but we invested in some equipment for at home so there really is no excuse. While we were away I saw more and more amazing women with amazing bodies who were also mothers and it gave me insiration to get fit again. Not only for myself but to set a good example for the girls again. I just need to get organised each week and set out time for myself to exercise.

So here goes to new updates, pictures, progress and inspo! Happy new year to all xxx

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