Full body pregnancy workout (28weeks)

Hi all not done a home workout for a week or two and really noticing the difference now I an growing to the size of a whale! Haha, the bump ia starting to make my workouts that little harder but i managed to squeeze in a workout in the garage last night. I started withContinue reading “Full body pregnancy workout (28weeks)”

Home workout: Mini Arm Circuits

Hi all! Hope you are all ready for a lovely bank holiday weekend. I am hoping for some sunshine too as I am off work Sunday and Monday so would be nice to get out with Kris and Macie in the sun. I haven’t blogged for nearly a week and I have really missed it! IContinue reading “Home workout: Mini Arm Circuits”

Legs and Glutes Workout at 25 weeks pregnant

Happy Sunday all! I am waking up slightly achy this morning from yesterday’s leg and glutes workout in the gym. I never get chance to go to the gym on a Saturday so I made the most of my small amount of extra time in the morning and worked out my most troublesome body parts.Continue reading “Legs and Glutes Workout at 25 weeks pregnant”

Killer buns and inner thighs

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Today is proper miserable monday in march weather but saturday was glorious sunshine and it got me really excited for summer. 🌞 I do like winter but I am over it by now. My legs are heavy today after yesturday’s home garage workout. Wanted toContinue reading “Killer buns and inner thighs”

Pregnancy kettlebell full body workout

Afternoon everyone! I had time to go to the gym this morning, great to get back in there after a busy week last week and doing more home workouts. Decided I needed a full body workout today so I grabbed a kettlebell and made up a routine to combat all areas. Here is my routine…Continue reading “Pregnancy kettlebell full body workout”

Home workout no equipment 💪👶

Hi all wanted to get a quick morning workout in before Kris and I go away for the night so did it in the comfort of my own home while my Macie played and ate her cereal. Here is the routine… 50 x jumping jacks 20 x squats 10 x jumping squats 20 x lungesContinue reading “Home workout no equipment 💪👶”

Motivation monday…leg routine

Got to the gym with little time this morning, but no excuses got straight to it with my pregnancy approved leg and bum workout.  Warm up- treadmill hill walk 10mins Followed by my leg routine with very little breaks in between. 10 x right leg step ups holding 5kg weights in each hand Repeat onContinue reading “Motivation monday…leg routine”

Lower body workout…with bump!

Hi everyone! Today I got to go to the gym as usual so I did a lower body workout, focusing on my thighs and bum. This was my routine.. Warm up 10 mins walking on treadmill 20 x weighted walking lunges with a 10kg bar 10 x donkey kicks followed by 10 x fire hydrants. (EachContinue reading “Lower body workout…with bump!”

Pregnancy Upper Body Workout

On Friday I got to go to the gym and do an upper body workout. As I get bigger it gets harder to fit in the cardio; I am getting slightly out of breath but I have been walking this week with Macie in the pushchair a few times so will definitely keep this up. In thisContinue reading “Pregnancy Upper Body Workout”