Post lockdown feelings

Happy Friday folks! How are we all doing? So Boris said we can now meet up with friends and family in our own exciting! We are going to make plans to meet with separate family over next week, how does everyone feel about this new bit of freedom? I have really got into the … Continue reading Post lockdown feelings

Social distancing shouldn’t mean being socially distant.

"Sometime we need to disconnect in order to reconnect what matters" This blog post came to me as we ventured out this afternoon on our walk. We decided to take a trip to the local Co-op to get some Easter treats for the kids as we have none in and usually by now we have … Continue reading Social distancing shouldn’t mean being socially distant.

What Covid-19 is teaching me so far…

Happy friday everyone! Hopefully you are all at home enjoying your time indoors and in the garden. This has been one of the weirdest and hardest weeks of my life and we will probably never see this happen again in our life time! We are making history right now and I agree that the Covid-19 … Continue reading What Covid-19 is teaching me so far…

Kids rave pending…

Happy Sunday peeps! If you have a busy life like myself I like to book in advance and look for things I can take the kids to that are local and different to the norm. Last week I came across Happy face family rave on Instagram and immediately loved the idea! A kids rave...where there's … Continue reading Kids rave pending…

Easter trail and pottery painting

Happy Sunday everyone! I haven't written on my blog for a very long time...but as I prepare for the two week Easter hols and getting back into fitness for the summer I am deciding I will try to write on here at least once a week. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the spring weather … Continue reading Easter trail and pottery painting

Xmas 2018, the sales and family time

Merry Xmas everyone! Hope Santa spoilt everyone and we are all full of wine and chocolates. As I sit here relaxing with the girls and watching Elf; I have been looking through the millions of emails I have received saying "SALE". For the first time I haven't been bothered by the sales mainly because I … Continue reading Xmas 2018, the sales and family time

Cheshire to Essex: the TOWIE tour

Hey everyone if you follow me on Instagram you will know I went to Essex (Brentwood) for the weekend with the girls. We all love The only way is Essex and decided to stay in Brentwood and have a night out followed by a TOWIE tour round the shops and popular places to go as … Continue reading Cheshire to Essex: the TOWIE tour

Making a stand against insta fame

Don't get me wrong I LOVE Instagram!! But how many of us feel superior to our instafamous follows and the goals that they feed us?! Instagram should be about sharing what we love not giving us anxiety over what to post next! Girls especially I see as competitive; not over conscious of what they post … Continue reading Making a stand against insta fame