Help! I cant’t stop eating rubbish!!

Help! I have a problem, recently I cannot stop eating rubbish food. All I want is bread, crisps, chocolate, sweets, the list could go on… The last 2 months or so have been rubbish with eating and exercise; life is so much harder with two kids so young; life is travelling at lightening speed. SoContinue reading “Help! I cant’t stop eating rubbish!!”

Protein Shakes…Just for men?

Hi everyone hope you are all geared up for a lovely weekend I have a busy one again working tomorrow and hosting my bestie’s baby shower Sunday too! I have been thinking about writing this post for a long time and have been gathering information together to support my ideas. I’m not a nutritionist orContinue reading “Protein Shakes…Just for men?”

Motivation monday…leg routine

Got to the gym with little time this morning, but no excuses got straight to it with my pregnancy approved leg and bum workout.  Warm up- treadmill hill walk 10mins Followed by my leg routine with very little breaks in between. 10 x right leg step ups holding 5kg weights in each hand Repeat onContinue reading “Motivation monday…leg routine”

My top 5 reasons to exercise whilst pregnant

Hi all hope you’re all well. We have an exciting day ahead of us. Our 20 week scan is this afternoon and we hopefully get to find out the sex of baby Bache no 2! How exciting!!! Had lots of well wishes this morning so definitely feeling the love from friends and family. đź’– ThroughoutContinue reading “My top 5 reasons to exercise whilst pregnant”

Lower body workout…with bump!

Hi everyone! Today I got to go to the gym as usual so I did a lower body workout, focusing on my thighs and bum. This was my routine.. Warm up 10 mins walking on treadmill 20 x weighted walking lunges with a 10kg bar 10 x donkey kicks followed by 10 x fire hydrants. (EachContinue reading “Lower body workout…with bump!”

Pregnancy Upper Body Workout

On Friday I got to go to the gym and do an upper body workout. As I get bigger it gets harder to fit in the cardio; I am getting slightly out of breath but I have been walking this week with Macie in the pushchair a few times so will definitely keep this up. In thisContinue reading “Pregnancy Upper Body Workout”

Keeping fit whilst pregnant is hard!

I feel deflated….just been to the gym and felt so unfit for the first time in a long time. Weighed myself when I got there and I have gained 2lbs which is fine but I think after trying to lose weight and keep fit for the last year or so to then gain a stoneContinue reading “Keeping fit whilst pregnant is hard!”