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Happy Thursday!

Why can I not stop eating crap?! Doesn’t help that I haven’t been exercising much for the last 8 weeks. One to being so busy and two we haven’t been at the house to use our garage gym. I still can’t help but stuff my face with white carbs and sweet treats!

I don’t feel like it will stop there either with xmas coming up everyone can’t help but eat more of the naughty stuff and drink more prosecco than usual. Hers to already making the usual New Years resolution of getting fit and being healthier. I will try more in the week and then just be naughty at the weekends I think but this is so hard. It’s coming up to the busiest time of the year for us hairdressers and I know with working more it will mean more quick lunches and grabbing things on the go or not having time to eat all day and eat a million calories after work!

Who else is feeling the same? Thank god for baggy jumpers and leggings. Tomorrow is a new day let’s start again…

take me back to my summer bod!!

Sam xx