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6 weeks till Xmas and I already feel like I’ve ate my weight in chocolates and takeaways so I’ve decided to give up chocolate until Xmas! My sister (Charlottes blog) is also going to give up crisps so we can help each other keep it up! 

Giving up chocolate may help to curb my sweet tooth and help me get back on track to fitness and also losing that Holiday weight. I do find it hard with the kids as they LOVE chocolate so we have it in the house and it’s all around me so I know it will help to give it up and save me from the Quality street tin. 

Anyone else find it hard to keep eating healthy and exercising at this time of year? This week we have eaten out way too much! Anyone else want to join me in giving up something indulgent before the most indulgent time of year? Let’s do this! 

Sam xx