Morning everyone! Wow I have been busy since Aayliah arrived so my blog has taken a back seat. However this morning I have tried overnight oats for the first time and loved them!OVERNIGHT-OATS_1024x1024

Picture from Google as I was so excited to try them I forgot to take a picture of my own!

I have been wanting to try this simple but healthy breakfast idea for a while, trouble is I just haven’t been organised enough to make them the night before but last night I made double of my tea (salmon, rice and veg) so I have a portion for lunch and these beautiful over night oats.


I Muller light yoghurt (raspberry and cranberry but could be any flavour)

5 tablespoons of dried wholegrain Quaker oats

handful of fresh raspberries


Take a small mason jar, cup or mug and layer all the ingredients above. I started with a bit of yoghurt then 3 tablespoons of oats, more yoghurt, more oats then raspberries on top. It looks really pretty too! Another plus for me with food, it has to look appealing as silly as this sounds. In the morning I just mixed everything together before eating and the oats will have soaked up all of the yoghurt. It was filling too and a good mix of food groups maybe even better made with Greek yoghurt so more protein could have been added or a sprinkle of milled flaxseed or chia seeds.

I will be searching for a few recipes and adding them to my Pinterest follow me and let me know of any overnight oats recipes you love!

Have a great day