I am sick of being Superwoman!

Happy friday peeps! Cannot believe Christmas is a week today!! How fast has this year gone? I have had the busiest week of the year and it is still not over, roll on Xmas Eve. Just wanted a small rant really as I feel like Superwoman is dying at the moment and I am losing my mind. So much to do and so little time to do it in. I have hardly seen my children this week nor my hubby and along with Fashion Sisters being so busy, hairdressing and life in general I feel like I am about to explode. Just the thought of what I have to get done in one day makes me stressed; so I just don’t think about it!

I had a small meltdown before the kids even went to nursery this morning as both girls haven’t slept well for me all week and I have been more snappy with them as a result. We ran out of nappies for Macie, I mean how do you run out of nappies! Milk was low for Aayliah so had to send Kris on an emergency run for that too, no time to do anything! Is it just me or does everyone feel the stress at this time of year? I feel this way every year and get so overwhelmed but this year especially with the two little ones! Life with two kids close in age is tough.

Aayliah is full of cold again! She seems to be ill ever since she was born with different strains of coughs and colds; bless her! Macie hasn’t slept well either but she has missed me I can tell as she is more clingy with me, I miss her too. Kris has been on nights so it has been up to me and the grandparents this week with Kris taking the evening shifts to watch the girls, feel like we have been passing ships this week. No time to even eat properly let alone go an exercise, cannot wait to get back into a routine in January when everything has calmed down.

 After saying this I do love Christmas time and cannot wait for this year and Kris isn’t working and we can really enjoy some quality family time. Macie is also a year older and will understand the magic of it all this year. After all I think Christmas is about the kids!

Here’s to the biggest glass (or bottle) of wine on Christmas Eve!! We are nearly there…

Have a lovely weekend!

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