Hi All! Happy Friday to you, where has this year gone? December 4th already and I’m mad busy like everyone else. The shops, roads, people’s lives are all busy but I do love this time of year. 

Been to the gym this morning! Yay! I was going to go and finish my Xmas shopping but I don’t get much time for myself so I will do it another time instead. Did a quick leg session and really struggled but I enjoyed it and want to get back in the fitness game. I have also been better with my eating since my last blog post, I do feel like writing it down and sharing it with the world helps me to keep on track. I just need to be a little more organised now and this is my resolution for the new year! 

How does everyone juggle their lives and squeeze it all in? I just feel like life is flying at a million miles per hours. Aayliah started rolling over all of be time in the last week but then gets annoyed when she cannot turn back over again. Love her cheeky little face.  

 Macie has been good over the last few days but her 2 year old tantrums are getting worse! I know it’s her age so I just try to ignore them when they happen and carry on like normal and there is nothing I can do to stop them. Any tips ladies to helping with tantrums? I don’t think there is much I can do about them but will try out anything to help! 

My sister took some professional pics of the girls so we can have some printed last week and they turned out so good! Here are a few 

If anyone that lives near me wants some family pics I definitely recommend charlottetalbotphotgraphy look her up on Facebook! We don’t print enough photos anymore. 

Hope everyone is having a great start to their December and are not too busy to enjoy it. With what is going on in the world at the moment it makes me feel like we should be loving each day to the full. 

Have a great Friday!!

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