Hello everyone and happy Monday! Today is my day to go food shopping and do a bit of meal prep. This morning I woke to a miserable, cold and really wet grey day and as it is getting chillier I like to eat more soups but instead of the usual shop bought ones laden with hidden sugars and salts, I made my own. Here is my recipe for my tomato soup…


900g vine ripened tomatoes

1 tsp oregano

300ml vegetable stock

1 large onion chopped

2 garlic cloves crushed

Dried basil

Salt and pepper to season


Pop the tomatoes on a baking tray and spray with a little light cooking spray and sprinkle over the dried oregano. Put them in the oven to soften through for around 10-15mins at 180 degrees.

Once the tomatoes are in, grab your pan and spray with cooking spray and add the chopped onion and garlic to soften. Add in your vegetable stock and bring to the boil and simmer for around 15minutes.  When the tomatoes have cooked remove the outer skin and chop them all adding to the pan.  Add a sprinkle of dried or fresh basil and either blend in a food processor or with a soup mixer untill smooth. Add salt and pepper to taste.

To make this a little creamier you could always add some fat free yoghurt instead of cream and blend through. However if you are going to freeze this soup then only add the yoghurt once defrosted so it lasts in your freezer.