Courgetti spaghetti

hey all! Not blogged for a long time, life has been hectic and busy with two little girls and my new business Fashion sisters. 
I have been keeping on track with my diet and exercise though and for the first time I made spaghetti out of spiralized courgette. If you’re anything like me I love pasta but it bloats me so much even the wholemeal variety doesn’t leave me feeling great afterwards so I have been looking for a great alternative and using vegetables seems like the perfect option. I have seen this in the supermarkets and used on Pinterest for ages but haven’t got round to cooking it myself.  

 I was lazy though and went for the pre made version in tesco! It’s a great portion size just for one. I also bought Tesco’s tomatoe and chilli pasta sauce but you could make your own! At the moment everything is rushed at home with having a 7 week old baby and a nearly 2 year old so I am trying to buy a few items that are ready made but still good for you.   

  I had a little bit of time so I made this with just using the courgetti, the sauce and 2 x healthy living sausages chopped up to add a bit of fat and protein. It was really quick and simple and tasted surprisingly good!  

I just stir fried the courgetti in a teaspoon of coconut oil for around 4 minutes and then added a third of the jar of sauce and he grilled sausages chopped up. 

  Try it out! It was gorgeous and healthy and hardly any carbs but still filling. I will use this as a spaghetti or noodle replacement from now on. 

Do you have any courgetti spaghetti recipes? Would love to hear some! 
Have a great day! 



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