My Clean 9 Journey

I finished my Clean 9 detox on Monday Evening. I found it hard! I can’t say I saw a huge difference in myself afterwards and only lost a few pounds on the scale but I did feel like I had lost inches as I can fit into some of my jeans now. I think it was a little too early after baby to have done the cleanse but I am glad I did it. I can get back to eating healthy again now and exercising. The clean 9 is great if you really need to cleanse your body but I was already eating pretty clean and had probably detoxed a lot of sugars and caffeine etc out of my system myself before starting the cleanse. I know a lot of people who have lost big numbers on the scale too! I didn’t have a lot to lose so a few pound is great for me. My stomach definitely feels flatter and less bloated and I want to carry on eating clean and healthy so it is a great kick start into doing so. Here are some before and after pics…

 Tuesday (28th July) was my third wedding anniversary so hubby and I dressed up and went out for dinner. It felt great to squeeze back into a size 10 after my clean 9 and I got to wear one of my website’s outfits which I loved. I felt really comfy in this jumpsuit and had lots of compliments on it. We had a lovely meal and I enjoyed a few well deserved cocktails too! We missed the girls though and I looked forward to going home to Aayliah cuddles. I do think that it is good to get out on your own as a couple though, you need your own time together as well as time as a family. Kris and I try to get in a date night every now and then, it is important to have some time just the two of us. 


So if you were wondering whether or not to do the Clean 9 I would say give it a go if you were wanting a kick start into a healthier diet. It really does get rid of any rubbish out of your system and you feel like you have a lot more energy and are less bloated than before. It makes you feel like you want to carry on with your healthy eating after you see your results. If anyone out there has done a clean 9, what did you think of it? What were your results? I know my Kris has done 2 of them now and he has felt great after each one.

I got back to the gym this week too and have ached nearly every day since! No pain, no gain!! Got my gym buddy back too in the form of my sister Charlotte. I enjoy going with my sister so much more than on my own, we push each other and make each other want to go to the gym; we keep each other accountable and have a laugh at the same time. Do you prefer to work out on your own or with a partner?


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