Clean 9-day 3

Today I got to eat a meal!! Ha! Day 3 hasn’t been too bad as I could have a shake for breakfast and lunch and a healthy 600 calorie meal at night. Day 2 was tough and I did feel hungry but think I just needed to drink more water. It’s hard when you’re at home more as if I was at work I would be more occupied, but food is so easily accessible at home! 

I added some fruit to both my breakfast shake and lunch. Breakfast was the protein powder mixed with almond milk a handful of raspberries and strawberries.  

 Lunch was the protein powder mixed with coconut milk and a handful of blueberries and a kiwi. Adding the fruit was a nice change from just the plain vanilla.  

 I was really looking forward to tea. I made a large stir fry with pork already marinated in sweet and sour sauce with stir fry veg and some egg noodles.   

I struggled to eat the whole thing and strangely felt really full quite quickly! Tasted good though and was nice to have a meal. 

I managed a 50 minute walk with the girls in the pushchair this afternoon also. My sister rejoined my gym and we both went tonight for the first time in so long! Felt good to get back to the gym; it’s crazy how quickly you lose your fitness with just a few weeks off. We did an arms session and my arms ache already! No pain no gain! Will start off light though and not push myself too much as I don’t want injuries but feels good to get my gym buddy back. 

Didn’t weigh myself today, going to leave it a few more days and see what happens! 3 days down, 6 to go!! Will keep my blog updated with progress as a few people have asked me how I have been getting on and what the clean 9 entails. Again if you would like info or to order a clean 9 don’t hesitate to ask! 


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