Day one of my Clean 9 cleanse

Hi everyone, hope you all had a lovely weekend! I ended up starting my Clean 9 cleanse today so that I can finish it before my wedding anniversary on 28th July. We began to work with Forever living products when I fell pregnant with Aayliah so I haven’t been able to do a Clean 9 myself. I thought this would be the best time to cleanse my body ready for going back to the gym and eating clean again.

A Clean 9 is a 9 day cleanse consisting of aloe vera gel to help cleanse your system, tablets to take to help with hunger and to help burn fat, fibre to help with digestion and a meal replacement shake. You can either have Chocolate or Vanilla; I chose Vanilla. There is also a list of Low G.I “free” foods you can eat throughout the programme too, which helps with the hunger pains during the first two days which can be tough. You can eat as many of these “free” foods as you like and from days 3-9 women can have a healthy 600 calorie meal and 800 calories for men.

I have just finished Day 1’s itinerary of what to take and surprisingly don’t feel hungry seeing as I haven’t eaten a meal today. Day 1 consists of tablets,fibre, a shake and drinking aloe vera gel; which I have to say tastes vile but it has got a little easier as the day has gone on. I was told by many people that it doesn’t taste good but I know it will help cleanse out my system and I will feel great for taking it so I just close my eyes and swallow it down as quickly as possible. This evening’s last aloe shot I had an orange from the free foods list afterwards to take away the taste and that seemed to help! Day two should be a lot easier and I will be looking forward to my first 600 calorie meal on Tuesday.

Before I started I took some “before pictures” and weighed myself. I currently weigh 9 stone 12lbs and I will weigh in again on day 3. Here are my before pics also.

 The programme also advises you to exercise for around 30 minutes each day to get the most out of your cleanse. I went for a brisk walk with the pushchair in the sunshine today and really enjoyed it. Love pushing the pram around and the girls got a little nap in at the same time. I will increase my exercise as the days go on but will keep it light for the first two days.

My aims are to lose a few pounds on the scale, to feel more awake and have a little more energy and to feel like I have a good basis to start my clean eating and exercising again. There is a booklet that comes with the Clean 9 to write down your measurements and goals to keep you on the right track throughout your 9 days. There is space to record what you have eaten also.

Will aim to keep you all updated on my progress. If anyone would like any more information please feel free to ask.


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