My Clean 9 Journey

I finished my Clean 9 detox on Monday Evening. I found it hard! I can't say I saw a huge difference in myself afterwards and only lost a few pounds on the scale but I did feel like I had lost inches as I can fit into some of my jeans now. I think it … Continue reading My Clean 9 Journey

My top 5 essential new baby items 🍼👶🏼

Good morning! Hope you are doing well. I am writing this post from my bed after doing the last night feed and now I am wide awake. Baby Aayliah is fast asleep on my chest, I love the cuddles but they don't last long before they start wriggling around so I am making the most … Continue reading My top 5 essential new baby items 🍼👶🏼

40 weeks

Today should of been my due date however baby Aayliah Lillie bache made her appearance yesterday July 2nd at 11:33am!! We are both doing really well and I managed to give birth naturally opposed to c section this time. I'm so proud of my self that I did it and feel so much better for … Continue reading 40 weeks