Happy Sunday! I am 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant and took these pics yesterday morning. 



Massive! Not as big as I did with Macie but getting uncomfortable now especially when walking. It is definitely a lot more straining on your body when you already have a small child that doesn’t understand why you can’t keep picking them up and playing constantly. Not long now hopefully! 

Weight gain? 

Just over 2 stone or 28lbs. Not weighed myself since last week though so could have gained a little since then not too bothered now we are at the end! 


Just a little walking to try get baby moving. I have been feeling a lot more like myself and not Ill anymore so this has helped. Also stopping working has helped my back and Energy levels. 

Midwife appointments?

I did see my midwife last Tuesday. Just a routine check and all is good. Baby is growing nicely and I have another appointment at he hospital on Wednesday. They will hopefully do me a sweep then and book me a date for a c section so that I have up until then to go naturally! 

Stretch marks?

Can’t see anymore! So hopefully no more than my old ones I gained with Macie. 

Hopefully baby will come soon! 💕