Hi everyone! I’m writing this after a rubbish week of feeling sick, then feeling better, having contractions and then stopping again. I don’t know whether I am coming or going! I forgot that these last few weeks of pregnancy are not fun. Yesterday I turned 38 weeks pregnant and had the worst nights sleep I’ve had in a long time. 


Excuse the pjs! Took these pics just before bed as I felt a lot better yesterday but needed some sleep so I must have gone off straight away as I hardly remember getting into bed. 


Sick! Woke up at 12:15am with the feeling of wanting to go to the loo and a bad stomach with a few contractions thrown in there too! Managed to go back to sleep for an hour around 130am but the pain woke me up. I phoned my hubby as he is on his best mates stag do in magaluf and I wanted to tell him what was going on in case he had to get a flight home in the morning. I jumped in the shower and felt a lot better when the warm water was running over my aching back and stomach. I came downstairs and tried to watch the TV to keep my mind off the pain. I did eventually fall back to sleep but this was very broken, painful sleep. Now it is lunch time and not really moved off the sofa other than to deal with Macie and I feel a lot better. Contractions have stopped and I have eaten lunch but something still isn’t right! I know this could go on for a while until baby comes but I’m getting frustrated now! Macie has been brilliant this morning and let me doze on the sofa while she has watched Disney TV and played nicely in the living room. She’s such a good child! 


Nothing as you can probably guess I haven’t felt well enough to do much at all.

Weight gain?

Not weighed myself still. Will possibly do it later if I feel better. Guessing still around a 2 stone gain but could be a lot more now. 

Midwife appointments?

I will see my midwife on Tuesday so if I still don’t feel better I will mention it to her. Just hoping nothing more happens until hubby comes home tomorrow lunch time. 

Baby shower 

My sister posted some pics from my baby shower last Sunday that I wanted to post on my blog. Had such a lovely afternoon and that was probably the last time that I felt ok. 


Thanks again to my sister for a lovely baby shower. Hopefully one day I will be able to return the favour for her 😀

Anyone else experienced a stop start labour? Or felt so rubbish at the end of pregnancy? I remember feeling very fed up with up with Macie but I had no signs of going into labour with her and was induced 12 days over and ended up asleep for a c section. So I am not too sure what it feels like to go into labour naturally. I am a little early yet and could do with another week or so to spend some time with Macie and enjoy a little maternity leave but you can’t plan these things! Any advice would be great full 💕 have a lovely weekend xxx