37 weeks + 5

I am really late doing my 37 week update but I did take some pics the day I turned 37 weeks. 


I have been pretty poorly since Sunday evening so not had chance to do much at all. We visited the hospital Monday to check out what was going on with baby as I had been sick a lot and not really felt her move much at all. Everything is fine but been having contractions ever since! Maybe she will be early, who knows. This end stage is so frustrating I don’t know whether I am coming or going.


Nothing. Due to me being ill and so uncomfortable. The only thing I have done is go for a little walk around our estate and took Macie to the park where I didn’t do much there either. Was sick again last night so have spent the day resting again today. I really don’t know what to expect as I was induced 12 days over with Macie and my labour never really kicked in straight away so hopefully I will go naturally but the not knowing is driving me insane! 


Not weighed myself for last few weeks. I guess it’s still around the 2 stone mark. Not really bothered about it now the end is near! Plus my appetite has totally vanished since I have been poorly. Trying to keep up fluids and eating little and often but it is tough. 

Stretch marks?

Not really focused much on these this time. I don’t think I have gained any new ones but I do think my old ones have stretched. They are quite low so it is hard to see. Will have a look afterwards I guess! 


As I said before, baby’s movements have been slightly reduced but they do say this is normal towards the end of pregnancy as there is less room for baby to move around. I hardly felt her move on Monday though so I got checked out at the hospital just to check, better to be safe than sorry. All is fine with baby and they scanned her to see if she was ok and she is fine in there. They did tell me I was having some early contractions though but these are all over the place at the moment. My next appointment at the midwife is next week so will just wait and see what happens over the next few days.

Had my baby shower on Sunday held by my sister. Was lovely to see everyone as I have been so busy I haven’t really had much chance to catch up with people. Here are a few pics of us hitting the dummy piñata…


Here is also the dress I wore from our clothing website…

I’ve also had this dress in a camel/tan colour it’s so comfy and will howpfully be able to wear it after baby or even next summer! 💕

Thanks to everyone that came to my Baby shower and spoilt baby bache no 2! Just a waiting game now… Hopefully I will feel better soon so I have the energy to give birth or maybe this is just the start of labour. Fingers crossed! 


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