36 weeks

 On Friday I turned 36 weeks pregnant and took these pics before bed. Excuse the greased up belly had to apply my tummy butter before bed! 



A bit over being pregnant now! Still no problems but I feel like a whale, breathless and unable to get up off the floor with grunting like a pig. Ha! But not long to go now 😀 I have been feeling generally well considering I only have a few weeks left and I am still busy with life in general. I did struggle on Thursday though as we took Macie to Chester zoo and after hours of walking around the zoo my back felt like it was about to cave in. 




Carrying all this extra weight is tough! I had forgotten how tough the last month is from when I was pregnant with Macie. Excited to meet our new family member now!!


I did my last session at the gym for a while now last Monday. I just felt like baby was so low it hurt when I went to squat or just move in general. So with just 4 weeks to go I am going to stick with walking and maybe using few light weights on my arms. I feel defeated and cannot wait to get my fitness back! I love pushing myself in the gym and you just cannot do that when you’re pregnant. I have found exercise has helped physically and mentally during this pregnancy though! So to anyone just starting out in their journey and find yourself not wanting to give up the exercise, then don’t! Carry on for as long as you feel comfortable as long as it’s safe to do so. 


I’ve gained around 2 stone (28lbs) now according to my home scales. A whole stone (14lbs) less than what I gained with Macie and I was a stone heavier to begin with when I got pregnant the first time so I am pleased. Finding it a struggle now to eat as healthy as I did but I know I will carry on my clean diet after baby is born so cutting myself some slack over the next few weeks!

Stretch marks?

Can’t seen any new ones but my old ones seem to be popping out more. I have switched to using palmer’s tummy butter instead now as I ran out of my sanctuary cream and wanted to try something different. It’s a hard butter type consistency that melts onto your skin and smell s of coconuts. Really moisturising and a fraction of the price of some of the creams! I haven’t been as religious this time as I was last time with putting stretch mark cream on but when I remember I do. More so now as my skin is tight making it quite itchy so the cream does help.

Maternity wear?

Haven’t bought anything new this week. Just keeping to what I have got now for the next few weeks!


Lots! They’re such large movements now and I can feel feet and limbs underneath the skin as they move. Such a strange feeling! She is moving now right across my ribs as I type this!

Midwife appointments?

Nothing last week but I do have two this week. I have my usual 36 week check up with my midwife on Tuesday and then on Wednesday we have another growth scan at the hospital. I assume they will also book me a provisional date for a c section but hopefully I will go into labour myself beforehand. We will see! I am scared and apprehensive after the trauma I had with macie’s birth but I am willing to give it another go!

Will write up a blog post this week on what I put in my hospital bag too! Just need to get round to packing it!! I will do this tomorrow 😀. I also have my baby shower next Sunday so I am excited for this too! 

Hope you had a lovely weekend. Thanks for reading xxx


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