The 34 weeks + 4

Good evening everyone! Hope you all had a good bank holiday weekend off work! I actually had it off myself too for a change as we went on a girly spa and eating out weekend in Manchester with one of my besties Lucy who is 31 weeks pregnant and our sisters Charl and Kelly. 😀 We had such a good time I didn’t get chance to stop and update my blog as i turned 34 weeks last Friday! The time is flying by and I have so much to do but we will get there in the end.

Here is my pics and updates…



Very pregnant! The last 2 days have been tough. I think baby bache 2 has moved very low and I feel like she is making me waddle lol. The weekend away was lovely though and really did me good as I haven’t done a lot outside of work in the last few months and needed some time to myself. Too much rich food was eaten though and on Sunday evening I couldn’t get comfy at all. Ended up on the sofa at the apartment in Manchester as the Indigestion kicked in from our meal out and I couldnt get comfy at all!


Gained another 2lbs last time I checked at the gym on Friday. So a total weight gain of around 26lbs. Not too bad really as I know I will gain a few pounds now leading up to birth so pretty pleased overall.


I did manage to go to the gym twice last week and did a little walking also but I did eat ALOT over the weekend so that will have been cancelled out! Really struggling at the gym now, feeling a bit like it is pointless but I know it will help me regain my figure after baby and help through the labour so I will keep it up even if it is just a few times a week.

Stretch marks?

No more than before but haven’r really looked that closely. Ran out of the stretch mark cream I was using so bought something else; Palmer’s cocoa tummy butter. It is quite a hard cream but really thick and moisturising as seeing as my stomach has been quite itchy lately this is really soothing on the skin.

Midwife appointments?

I went to the midwife this morning for my 34 week appointment. We ran through my birth plan and how I was feeling and have rebooked for another 2 weeks time. I told her about my pains in the pelvis recently and she felt my bump; the baby’s head is starting to get really low giving me those shooting pains. So I am happy that baby is head down and starting to get into an engaged position! Hopefully this will mean I will go into labour naturally and won’t need a c section like last time.


These movements are huge now! Baby feels really low and my bump seems to have dropped a little so the main movement is through the top where limbs seem to be going everywhere! Makes me jump sometimes and can be quite uncomfortable but it’s nice to know she is doing well in there.

Maternity wear?

Haven’t really purchased much but I have had a few dressier items from our website to wear while we went away. Hopefully I can wear these afterwards too, so not a total waste. This pregnancy has been easier to dress as I haven’t gained much weight in places other than my stomach so I have been able to wear more “normal” clothes and less maternity items so it has saved me some money all of this keeping fit!


Not had any major cravings! I just never know what I fancy to eat. I cannot eat too much of a large meal in the evenings now though due to bad indigestion so I try to eat larger more full of carb meals during the day. This seems to have worked for me so far. I have been indulging in more chocolate recently though so I need to curb this but it is getting harder the bigger I get. Not long to go now!!

Overall I am still doing well. Just hoping the next few weeks go as fast as the last 34. Cannot wait to meet Baby bache no 2! We pretty much finished the baby’s bedroom too and Macie jumped straight in the cot, bless her, she really doesn’t understand. Just a few finishing touches left to go and a huge sort out of Macie’s outfits we have kept and we will be ready. Just need to get my hospital bag ready now!

 Here is a few pics of us girls from over the weekend all dressed up…


Thanks for reading 😀 will do an update on what I put in my hospital bag when I have packed it! Need to get organised now. Enjoy the rest of your week 💕


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