32 Weeks

Happy Saturday everyone! I am 32 weeks and 1 day pregnant today and I am feeling tired. After a busy week I am having a well deserved chilled night in just myself and Macie while Kris is at work. Shame there isn’t anyone to make me a brew though!

Here is my 32 week summary and pics…



Very tired! This last trimester is tough, especially when I have a 20 month old child to look after too as well as work and our new fashion business to keep on top of also. I don’t like doing things by halves! We have had a busy week and last weekend we didn’t stop either. Still feeling great other than the usual pregnancy niggles though. The time has gone fast up until this last week where I feel it is starting to drag a little as we get more excited about meeting baby number two! 8 more weeks to go…


Exercise has been non existent this week and maybe that’s why I feel so lethargic! I haven’t had the time or drive to exercise this week but will be back in that gym on Monday. My eating habits haven’t been great either this week and back to wanting the sugar in chocolate and sweets. Not really feeling like a proper meal either so just keep picking. Made myself a fresh banana smoothie today though and it tasted so good! Starting to feel like I don’t know what I fancy to eat again and my stomach is so squashed up I can’t stomach huge meals, especially later on in the day before bed.

Weight gain?

We have some scales at home but they’re not very reliable but I did weigh myself a week ago and I hadn’t changed. Just stayed the same for a while now. I think with all the carbs and sugar eaten this week though I am bound to have gained some weight. Will use the gym scales on Monday morning to see.

Maternity wear?

We had a christening to go to last Sunday so I had one of our baby pink Blazers from our online shop fashionsistersclothing.co.uk and I wore a new top from River Island. I also bough an asymmetric t shirt from River Island too, I was beginning to run out of long enough tops to cover my bum in the leggings so these are perfect. I can also wear them after baby too, so they won’t be wasted! Other than that nothing else new, I have been trying to not keep my own stock too but it is all so nice! I will treat myself when baby is here and I have lost my baby weight. Give me something to aim for!

 Stretch Marks?

No new ones I don’t think! My old ones have stretched a little more but I can’t see any more than before. My stomach is getting quite itchy now that the skin is stretching alot more and cutting hair doesn’t help as it clings to my stomach area.

Midwife Appointments?

Nothing this week. I do need to book in for my whooping cough injection asap though so will put a reminder in to do this on Monday when the doctors opens again. I don’t see my midwife now until around 34 weeks.


Still a little wriggler! Movements are getting a lot bigger now and really frequent. I seem to feel her move all of the time! Nice to know she is happy wriggling away in there though.

Overall I am finding this pregnancy pretty easy but it is getting a lot harder the bigger I get. This baby seems to be a little bigger than Macie was so I feel like she is stuck under my ribs a lot of the time as there isn’t much room for her to move around in there with me being fairly small. Off to see my bestie tomorrow and her month old son Billy again, so more cuddles for me! Have a lovely weekend whatever you are doing!

Just a quick thank you to all the ladies that have messaged me recently saying that they are reading my blog and have found it helpful or interesting! I started this as a hobby but I am so happy to see it helping others. When I was pregnant with Macie I wanted to read some honest truths about pregnancy and couldn’t find much online and not alot about pregnancy and exercise either so this is another reason why I wanted to document my second baby. Thanks for reading!!


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