30 weeks pregnant

Happy Friday everyone! Well it’s nearly over now and we have another busy weekend ahead..no rest for the wicked!

Online retail shop is doing well but keep me extremely busy! I think my hubby thinks he has lost me to my iPhone haha! Also busy with Macie and my freelance hairdressing too so there’s not much spare time at the moment. I did manage a gym session this morning after not stepping foot in there since a week ago Monday so it felt good. My gym clothes are getting pretty tight now though!

I turned 30 weeks pregnant today, cannot believe we are on the home straight already! 10 weeks to go… Here is my summary.


Slightly uncomfortable! I know this will get worse. But seeing as baby is in the breech position she can move around so much sometimes it’s really uncomfy. Love to feel her move though but it is quite strange. I have forgotten the feeling from when I was pregnant with Macie and that wasn’t that long ago. I still have the restless leg syndrome later on in the evening too which is getting really annoying now. Other than these little niggles, I have been feeling great!


I have still be exercising just not as much as normal. Got a few lovely sunny walks in this week with Macie though. I went back to the gym today and did a full body workout; using kettlebells and other weights and I am feeling a little achy tonight. Love that feeling after a great workout.

Weight gain?

Not really sure on this! I don’t think I have gained anything in a while but my scales at home are a little temperamental and the ones at the gym today didn’t seem to be working either so I am not quite sure. My bump is definitely a lot bigger so I have probably gained a few pounds. Will see on Monday when I visit the gym again. As the weather has been a little warmer I am starting to swell up a little so I am trying to drink a bit more water and keep my legs up when I can!


As I said earlier, Baby is breech so movements have been non stop! I feel like there is  a little alien trying to punch its way out of my stomach. Love that she is active though, it is nice to know she is ok in there. We have another scan next Wednesday so I will be able to see if she is still breech or not.

Midwife Appointments?

Nothing this past week but as I just mentioned I have a scan on Wednesday. This is a routine growth scan but as we found out baby is breech on Saturday at our 4d scan I can check to see if baby has turned also. When Macie was born she weighed 6lb 8.5 oz and this was classed as slightly small as I was 14 days overdue, so they are just keeping an eye on growth this time. My bump seems to measure ok so far, right in the middle of the growth chart.

Belly button?

It sticks out through all of my clothes. Cannot wait for it to go back in again!

Stretch marks?

No more than before but my stomach is starting to get a little itchy as the skin is really stretching now so will be applying more cream more often to help with this. I do think that no matter how much cream you apply though it doesn’t really matter if you are going to et stretch marks then so be it! But it really helps with moisturising the skin so that it isn’t as itchy and the skin feels smoother.

Overall, another good week and still feeling fine throughout this pregnancy. The time is flying by; looking forward to getting some nursery furniture in a week or so. Will keep you all updated! Thanks for reading, have a lovely weekend. xx


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