29 weeks + 2days

Today I am 29 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I took these pics last night before bed, didn’t get chance to take them on the day I turned 29 weeks as we have had the weekend from hell with my little girl Macie being in hospital for 2 nights after an accident. She seems to be getting better now but this weekend as really made me re-evaluate what is important to me and that’s family. They are everything to me and I cannot wait to add this little one to our little crazy family.

Here is my 29 week summary below:

(excuse the underwear haha!! #noshame)image



Stressed! Had a stressful few days so just trying to catch up on work and general life but I am not properly back to work till Tuesday so we can spend some much needed family time together. Other than the last few days, I have been feeling great. Still nothing to really moan about. Loving my little bump this time! I feel like I can wear totally different outfits this time and not feel like a huge whale…but there is time yet! Still have a slight insomnia, but I think this is more to do with having a busy mind rather than pregnancy at the moment. The restless leg syndrome is beginning to really annoy me though, nothing seems to help! Anyone got any home remedies?


Still exercising even though my belly gets in the way a little now. Before the last few days happened I had gone to the gym on Monday and did a home workout which I posted to here on Wednesday evening too. (28 weeks full body workout). Feeling great to still be active and it has definitely helped me out so far so I am trying to keep it up for as long as possible, I just have to adapt it more now to accommodate the bump!


Not really sure to be honest! I did weigh myself on Monday and weighed 10stone 4 lbs (or 144lbs for my american readers!) so I guess I am still around the same. Even though we have been living on takeaway food whilst staying in hospital with Macie. Not really gained much weight at all in the last few weeks so still a total weight gain of around 20-21lbs.

Stretch marks?

No more than before.

Belly button?

Sticks out still and looks like an “eye” according to my sister lol.

Maternity wear?

I haven’t bought anything maternity but have been wearing some of my clothes from our new clothing website www.fashionsistersclothing.co.uk. Loving having our own shop online, we even did a local pop up shop yesterday for some local friends and it was a real success! Take a look if you haven’t already. Just UK shipping at the moment but hopefully in the future we will expand to worldwide.


So many kicks and punches. Found out yesterday at our 4d scan that the baby is currently lying breech so that is why I am feeling a lot more movement as baby’s head is up the top so she has a little more room to move. However it doesn’t help when I get kicks to the bladder 24/7! Hopefully she will turn around in time for delivery…

Midwife Appointments?

I have had quite a few appointments this week. On Tuesday I went for my 28 week check up with my regular midwife. She measured my bump which measures right in the middle of the chart which is great and she took my blood too. I can also now book in for my whopping cough immunisation so I will need to arrange this at my local doctors. I also had an appointment at the hospital with the Midwife Practitioner to discuss my delivery options as I had a traumatic delivery with Macie ending up with her being delivered by c section and myself under general anaesthetic so i missed the delivery altogether.  I don’t remember much about Macie’s delivery as I was put to sleep so I wanted to go over the likelihood of this happening again and exactly what happened last time to help make my decision for this baby. I am sure I will be changing my mind right up until my due date. We also booked and paid for a 4d scan yesterday so I will do a post on this separately when I have the pictures uploaded. It was amazing though, she looks so like Macie!

Overall still doing great and after what happened at the weekend I have been feeling fine. Hope you all have a great Sunday!! xxx


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