Full body pregnancy workout (28weeks)

Hi all not done a home workout for a week or two and really noticing the difference now I an growing to the size of a whale! Haha, the bump ia starting to make my workouts that little harder but i managed to squeeze in a workout in the garage last night.


I started with a warm up on the treadmill, walking up hill at 8% incline  at 6.0kmph for 10minutes. Not been able to get much walking in lately so felt quite out of breath!


I put together 2 x mini circuits and repeated them 3 x through with as little breaks as possible.

Circuit 1:
You will need a set of dumbells and if you have a kettlebell that would be great too if not dumbells are fine. I used 2 x 3kg dumbells and a 5kg kettlebell in this circuit.

20 x curtsey lunges with a dumbell bicep curl (10 each leg )
20 x sumo squat to upright row using a 5kg kettlebell (you could use dumbells)
20 x goblet squat to overhead tricep extension with 5kg kettlebell (again you could use a dumbell)
20 x standing oblique crunch using the kettlebell. 20 on each side so 40 altogether.


Repeat 3 x through.

Circuit 2:
No extra weight needed. Just bodyweight.

20 x kneeling press ups
20 x half moon kneeling leg lifts (10 each leg )


20 x bodyweight squat with a kick to the side ( 10 each leg )
10 x alternating double lunges – lunge forward and dip down twice do you perform 20 lunges altogether (10 on each leg )

Remember if you’re pregnant (especially in your third trimester like myself) drink lots of fluids during and post workout.  Be careful when getting up off the floor as your balance may not be centered anymore and you can easily feel dizzy. Just go at your own pace, you know your body!


Disclaimer: I am not a professional, just a mum documenting her fitness and exercise routines for others. Please seek medical advice before taking on a new exercise regime. Be safe!


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