28 Weeks (+2)

Hello all! Been over a week again since I posted a blog, but I haven’t forgotten you! I am 28 weeks+2days pregnant today and I am into my final trimester. Here is my weekly summary…

Took these pics yesturday at 28+1




Huge!! I haven’t stopped this week and I am beginning to feel quite pregnant now. The strain of having to bend forward to pick anything up or try and do up buckles on shoes is starting to show. I have still been really active though but the back ache is starting to kick in. My sister and I have begun a new business venture this week in an online retail clothes shop so we have been busy setting this up! Go check it out if you haven’t already…www.fashionsistersclothing.co.uk. We are just delivering to the UK at the moment, but if all goes well we may deliver worldwide in the future.


Only got to exercise once last Monday at the gym and not really done much since I have been so busy all day everyday this week, fitness has had to come last. I can feel it though so will be getting my bum to the gym tomorrow!


Not sure on the weight gain. I weighed myself last Monday at the gym but I had lost a few pounds so I really don’t know. I think still around a 21lb weight gain in total but will check tomorrow morning when I go.

Maternity Wear?

Nothing in the maternity section but I did buy a new dress off ebay that I told you about the other week for a wedding we went to yesterday. Just had to get the hem shortened and it fit perfectly! As you can see in my pics. I have also had a few items from the clothes we have bought for the new shop, they are really comfy and quite stretchy so hopefully can wear them afterwards also. Cannot wait to get fit and toned again!!




Midwife Appointments?

Nothing this week but I do have 2 appointments in this coming week and we have our 3d scan next Saturday also. I have my 28 week check with my usual midwife on Tuesday and a chat with the midwife practitioner on Thursday at the hospital to discuss my options for delivery. I had a difficult labour with Macie and ended up being put under general anaesthetic for a caesarean; so I wasn’t even awake. This time I want to weigh up my options before I decide on what I want to do. It’s such a difficult decision! People think that a c-section is such an easier option but it will be hard to recover when I already have a toddler to run around after.

Belly Button?


Stretch Marks?

Nothing new but my old ones are still stretching and are slightly more obvious.


Some really large movements now. They shock me when I forget for a moment but quite a few people have felt them now. She is a little wriggler!

Overall baby and I are doing great. I am getting a few aches and pains now though including Restless Leg syndrome, which I seem to be getting when I sit down to chill out in the evening. For anyone that has had it isn’t it really annoying?! I had a rough night the other night too when I thought I had a water infection (which is really common in pregnancy) but had it all tested and it was inconclusive so guess I may have just done a bit too much! My skin is still pretty dry also but that is just hormones and I have started with a bit of Insomnia too!

Anyone else out there suffering with any pregnancy related niggles? Got any tricks or tips to help? Post below! It’s good to share!

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