27 weeks: last week of 2nd trimester

Morning everyone! Happy easter too! For most people they are off today but when you’re self employed  bank holidays mean nothing;  just a normal day! So no rest for me,  a full day of clients ahead but looking forward to setting up my easter egg hunt for Macie on Sunday. She will love it.

I am 27 weeks pregnant today and this will be the last week in my 2nd trimester.  The hard part begins next week. I remember last time  my third trimester was hard.  You feel huge,  swollen,  tired and uncomfortable  but  I  am hoping I breeze through as keeping fit and healthy during this second pregnancy has really helped so far. I cannot believe the difference diet and exercise has made to my second  pregnancy and urge anyone else to do the same. Here is my 27 week summary…




Great! Been very tired this week but I have been busy with work so this is probably why. My skin has taken a turn for the worse in the last few weeks; very dry but spotty but I think that this is just  my hormones. I should treat myself to a facial  when I can! I have been using Clarins hydra quench  for combination skin moisturiser  twice daily and adding a bit of their facial oil to dry areas before bed at night.

This has helped a little but still I can see little spots under  the skin. I am sure it will sort itself  when my hormones have settled. Other than this I have been fine. A little hungrier than usual too,  but this is the part where you grow alot so the extra couple hundred calories are needed.

Went to the gym on monday and did a home workout on wednesday and hopefully get to exercise sunday too but my other days have been jam packed so  I will be happy with 3 times this week if I can. Still feeling great when I do exercise. It is getting a little harder and my cardio has been non existent for the last 2 weeks but overall I can still do quite a bit in the gym. I get some funny looks though! I think  people are still getting used to the idea of exercise  during pregnancy and because lots of people don’t do it you don’t see it often  in our gym so I get a few strange looks but I feel great and so much better for keeping up some sort of exercise regime!

This week baby’s movements have been crazy. She is a right little wriggler,  even making me jump yesturday while I  was driving. I don’t remember  Macie’s kicks being so strong but you do forget  alot from one pregnancy to another.

Stretch marks?
No new ones.

Belly button?
Out. I can’t  bear to have anyone  touch it either. The skin is so thin there due to stretching and it feels strange!

Midwife Appointments?
I went for a 26 week check up on Tuesday. As Macie was small,  the midwife wanted to see me before 28 weeks to check on the growth of my bump. Bump measured fine; bang on 26 weeks  so that’s brilliant and we got to hear baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Kris and Macie came with me and Macie started to dance around to the sound  of her sister’s heartbeat;  so cute and funny.  Everything  seems fine so I go back in another 2 weeks to be measured  again.

Maternity wear?
Nothing new in maternity wear this week. I did get a few freebies off my sister who works at an online clothing store and they had a sample sale in the week so she gave me a few items if regular clothing. I can still get away with a few items so that’s  brill. The rest I’ll save till after baby. We also have a wedding to go to so ordered a maxi dress for this.  Will need altering though as I am so short! Kris did surprise me with a new changing bag for baby. I love the silver lining  bags so he got me the twins one so that I  have extra space for Macie’s stuff as well as new baby. Thank you Kris! I love it! 😍

Weight gain?
Weighed myself a week ago but not gad chance since. I had gained around 2lbs but it does fluctuate. So a total weight gain of 1 stone 7lbs so far. Quite pleased really as I tend to gain weight easy so I feel like I  am on track for a healthy weight gain during this pregnancy. It will be what it will be, so I  try not to focus on the scales much. 

Have a lovely easter weekend whatever  you are upto! We will be eating lots of easter eggs I’m sure on sunday! Xxx


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