Home workout: Mini Arm Circuits

Hi all! Hope you are all ready for a lovely bank holiday weekend. I am hoping for some sunshine too as I am off work Sunday and Monday so would be nice to get out with Kris and Macie in the sun. I haven’t blogged for nearly a week and I have really missed it! I just haven’t had a minute to get things done. From work, to exercise to little miss Macie moo being VERY clingy things week, I am just sitting down now to eat and chill out before another long day tomorrow.

I went to the gym Monday and did legs, but had no other time to go this week. Nursery is closed tomorrow as it’s a bank holiday so I won’t get my usual Friday gym session in but I did squeeze in an upper body home session yesterday and have felt the after effects today…ouch!!

My upper body session included 3 x mini circuits that I performed as quick as I could without losing proper form but not taking breaks until I had finished that set. I also finished with a run through of each circuit for an extra burnout. Here are my routines:

Circuit 1

Equipment needed: Pair of dumbells. I used 2 x 3kg dumbells.

12 x bicep curl into a shoulder raise

20 x kneeling press ups

12 x overhead tricep extension using both dumbells crossed together

Repeat 3 x through without any breaks. Keep proper form throughout to avoid injury.

Circuit 2:

Equipment needed: Set of dumbells (3kg)

12 x dumbell upright row

20 x double dumbell hammer curl

20 x laying dumbell chest fly

20 x laying dumbell chest press

If like myself you are pregnant and in your second or third trimester then please don’t lie flat on your back for the last 2 exercises. Either use a stability ball or keep your knees bent and lift your glutes to the ceiling.

Repeat 3 x through with little or no rest. Keep proper form to avoid injury.

Circuit 3:

Equipment needed: set of dumbells (3kg) and a step or ledge

12 x single arm rear tricep extension (right arm)

12 x single arm rear tricep extension (left arm)

20 x tricep dips using aerobic step

12 x bent over row

12 x rear chest fly

Repeat 3 x through with little or no break. Keep proper form throughout.

Repeat all 3 circuits through one more time for an extra burnout at the end of your workout. I had around 60 second break in between each set and then straight on to the next circuit. Loved this quick workout and it was really effective. I can definitely tell today that I worked my upper body yesterday, my muscles ache!

Get yourself some dumbells if you don’t have any. It makes that home workout just that little bit harder. They are cheap to buy and really effective and versatile when it comes to using them to tone the body. Start off  with a light weight and proceed up to heavier if you desire.
Post workout selfie!

Disclaimer: I am not a qualified trainer, just a mum trying to keep fit. Please consult your doctor before embarking on any new training regime.

Are there any blog posts you would like me to cover? I have had lots of lovely feedback since I started my blog a few months ago and was wondering if anyone is wanting a specific blog post then let me know and I will see what I can do. Thanks for reading xxx


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