26 weeks today!




Happy friday peeps! I am 26 weeks pregnant today. Took my pictures after a shower following a quick leg session at the gym this morning. Here is my 26 weeks summary…


I am tired today! Had a busy week with work and Macie so far and have managed to exercise everyday bar Tuesday so I have really crammed a lot in already. Other than that I am feeling great, cannot complain at all; this pregnancy is flying by.


I have been to the gym 3 x this week and have done 1 workout at home so far this week so definitely still squeezing in the exercise I am noticing now though that I get tired a lot easier so I am trying to keep my exercise time short but still effective rather than being in the gym for a long time. Haven’t got much walking in at all though this week as have been busier with work and the weather has been all over the place, so not great for long walks. I have focused more on weights especially as I have neglected my arms a little in the last few weeks so I have focused especially on that area this week for a change. It’s good to change things up and adapt as I get more pregnant.


Trying not to focus on weight still but I do weigh myself every Friday morning at the gym as I don’t own any scales at home. I find if I have the scales at home I can get very obsessive over weight and it’s really not all about weight gain, so having the scales only at the gym makes it a more healthy way of still keeping and eye on the weight gain but not getting obsessive. I still weigh the same, hovering around 10stone 2lbs- 10stone 3lbs which I am pleased about. Total weight gain of around 1 stone 5 lbs so far.

Stretch marks?

No new ones yet.

Belly Button?

It sticks out so far! I can’t imagine it going back to normal haha.

Maternity wear?

Nothing new except for replacement maternity legging from George at ASDA. Purchased another 2 pack for £12 as the others had gone a little see through and tatty as I have been living in them!

Midwife Appointments?

Nothing this week but I do go next Tuesday for my 26 week check up and hopefully we get to hear baby’s heartbeat.


Lots of movements now, I can see my stomach moving all the time. this baby is a proper wriggler and it makes me jump sometimes when I am not expecting it. Lovely to know she’s ok and seems happy swimming away in there.

Have a lovely weekend! We are having a chilled one as daddy is away on a stag do so just me and Macie and bump spending a little girly time together.


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