Flabby arms!!

Ahhhh recently I have noticed my arms are getting flabbier throughout this pregnancy. I was so happy after I had Macie and lost my weight; my arms were the most toned they have ever been. I had muscle and tone in them that I had never seen before…I was so proud! I have found it tough to keep the tone in my upper body since being pregnant you release a hormone called Relaxin making all your ligaments loose and bendier so that when I lift weights I have to be so careful not to overstretch and I don’t feel as strong as I used to. This has put me off doing a lot of upper body work a little and I have really noticed it over the last few weeks. However I know that in the third trimester which is only 2.5 weeks away for me, Relaxin hormone goes into overdrive to get your body ready for labour, so I know it will only get harder to keep tone.

I also think that because I know that I put on a lot of weight on my bottom half when I gain that I have focused more on my legs and bum and less on my arms. Therefore today I kicked my add into gear and decided to do an upper body workout focusing mainly on my arms and shoulders. So here is my workout from this morning…my arms are on fire already!

Warm up using the assisted dip machine

12 x tricep dips with 35kg assisted weight

12 x pull ups with 35 kg assisted weight

Repeat 3 x through

My arm routine using 3kg dumbells throughout

12 x bicep curls

12 x front lateral raise and 12 x side lateral raise (alternating front to side for 1 rep)

12 x overhead tricep extension using the dumbells held together

12 x shoulder raise

12 x hammer curl

12 x tricep dips on aerobic box (no weight)

12 x kneeling press ups

Repeat routine 3 x through.

I finished with 10 minutes on the stepper and 5 minutes on the arm bike and my arms are aching already!! Will give them a stretch tonight before I go to bed.

I am feeling massive this week so getting to the gym has made me feel better and as exercise releases endorphins I have a happy start to my day! Use this as a motivation Monday and get your bums out there doing some form of exercise…you won’t regret it!

Have a nice day xxx


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