25 weeks 👶




Hi all, wow these weeks are flying by and today I am 25 weeks pregnant already! This pregnancy is flying by it seems; maybe it is because it’s my second and I am so busy with Macie and general life that I haven’t got as much time to think about it. Just took these pictures after my gym session this morning. Did and upper body workout and can feel it already…no pain no gain! Here is my 25 week summary…


Large! Haha these past few weeks my bump seems to have really grown in size and I am beginning to feel like a small whale; saying that though I am so much fitter and healthier this time it has really helped with all the pregnancy aches and pains. I remember this time last pregnancy I was going on holiday to Portugal for a week with Kristian and I was around 25/26 weeks pregnant and I could hardly walk the 3/4 of a mile to the restaurants in the Old town without being out of breath and now I am walking between 7 and 10 miles a week as well as squeezing in gym sessions no problem. Generally I am feeling great and still breezing through this pregnancy with no problems.


Still keeping up my gym sessions on a Monday and Friday when Macie is at nursery and maybe one other home weights session. I have also been walking quite a bit; around 7 miles this week already with the pushchair. Seeing as the weather has been so nice the last few days, Macie and I have been making the most of getting out in the sunshine.


Just weighed myself at the gym this morning and am around 10 stone 3 lbs, so lost around 1/2 a lb since Monday/ To be fair, I have been eating well this week but when I weighed myself Monday morning I had had a weekend of eating out and lots of cake so I think it has evened itself out. Still trying not to focus too much on weight gain but it is hard when I have been trying to lose weight for the last year. It’s all in my head so as long as I am being healthy for myself and baby I will feel fine about the weight gain. Does everyone find it hard to accept your body changing so rapidly during pregnancy? I know with Macie I struggled but I ate everything in sight, so I am glad that when I got pregnant this time I was already in the best shape of my life; hopefully it will make things easier once I have given birth.


Lots of kicks and punches now and can fee Baby Bache twisting around all happy inside! Kris and I were watching my belly move when we got in bed last night, such a weird feeling but so lovely at the same time. It’s great to feel movement so that I know baby is doing all right in there, puts your mind at rest especially after those busy days.

Belly button?

Out! It sticks out through all my clothes now. Cannot wait for it to go back to normal.

Stretch marks?

No more yet. I can see my previous stretch marks stretching even more but I am more relaxed about getting them this time. I am still using my cream but I think that some people are either very lucky and don’t get them and some people are prone to getting them, so I just accept them and move on.

Maternity wear?

Just ordered a 2 pack of maternity leggings from Geroge at ASDA as my other ones are going a bit see through but I have worn them to death over the last few months so seeing as they are so cheap I bought some more. I also bid on a Little Mistress by ASOS dress on ebay for an upcoming wedding we have in April so hopefully this will come and I love it. Just bought it in a size bigger instead of buying maternity as I have found it so hard to find anything really nice in the maternity sections online.

Midwife appointments?

Nothing until the 31st March when I go for my 26 week check up and we hopefully get to hear baby’s heartbeat for the first time.

Overall doing great! Time is flying by, have a lovely friday xx

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