Why I love being a mummy!

Happy Mother’s day from yesterday to all those lovely yummy mummies out there! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, we definitely had a busy one. Took my mum out for afternoon tea yesterday at a local tea room called Ginger and Pickles in Nantwich. I hadn’t been before but my sister had and it was gorgeous! So if you ever get chance go in for food, afternoon tea or drinks, all lovely and homemade.


We all went out for tea also at the White Lion in Hankelow. Another first for me also and everyone enjoyed themselves. There was myself, Macie, Kris, my parents, my sister and brother, Kris’s mum and stepdad and his brother and wife. So a big table! Love it when we all get together, the laughs and smiles are etched on our faces the whole time.

Macie made me a lovely card and bookmark at nursery…so cute and Kris bought a HUGE card from her also for me to open yesterday. He also got me a card off “the bump” which I love…he’s so thoughtful. Having such a lovely day to celebrate being a mum got me thinking about why I love being a mummy so much.

As it was only my second mother’s day I am still new to this world of motherhood but I am loving every second (yes! even the tantrums!). For anyone out there that is pregnant and waiting to become a mummy then believe me it is worth every singe second of pregnancy and labour, that’s why most of us go through it all again more than once! So here are my top reasons for why I love being a mummy.


Macie makes me smile every time I see her. When I am at work I cannot wait to get home and give her cuddles and see that gorgeous face of hers. Even now as I write this post she is running around with a cow hat on and keeps asking me to help her put it back on when sit falls off!

She brings smiles and laughter to any room and is such a people person. Not a day goes by that I don’t smile because of Macie.

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Wow! Children definitely keep us busy but I love it. Makes me wonder what I did before I became a mum with my time. Don’t get me wrong trying to juggle childcare, work and general duties is hard but I love taking Macie with me. She makes all the shopping trips fun  and tries to help clean around the house when really she is just making a huge mess! I wouldn’t have it any other way.


The love you get from being a mum is enormous. I have never felt that kind of love before I became a mum. I love Kris (hubby) to pieces but the love you get from your own child is so different; your heart just melts every time you see them. Macie is very loving and she will give kisses and cuddles all of the time…usually because she wants something or is tired but I appreciate it all the more.

What is your favourite part of being a mummy? Did you get spoilt on mother’s day? Did you spoil your own mum? Hope you all had a lovely time no matter what you ended up doing. Check out my Instagram for more mummy pictures!

Back to it with the healthy eating now after a weekend of eating out and consuming lots of cakes! I think all mummies are on a detox this week…ha! Have a lovely Monday xx

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