Happy 18 Month Birthday Macie!

Today my little girl Macie turns 18 months old. I cannot believe she is 1 and a half already, time is flying! She really is becoming a gorgeous, caring, loving little girl that has Kris and I in stitches laughing and smiling all of the time. Here is my summary of Macie at 18months…

Look at her little scar on her head…bless her she hasn’t messed with it so hoping it heals ok! Macie runs everywhere and just so happens she ran into the door frame on Friday night and split her head open. She was fine though and after a quick trip to hospital she was back to her usual giggly self.


Macie loves to be outside! She has recently learnt she can reach the front door handle and get herself outside and run to the park…scary!! So we have to make sure the front door is locked at all times now as she would just run off, crazy child. Hopefully the weather will be getting nicer soon and we can spend some more time in the garden. Macie’s grandma bought her a trampoline as an easter gift on Friday so she will be out on that in the summer but for now it’s in the house. She loves her baby dolls still and has a lovely imagination. Playing with her dollies like they’re her friends; feeding them and kissing them…so cute!


Funny! Macie isn’t a quiet, reserved shy child at all. She says “hi” to everyone she sees and loves people. Kris and I are always surrounded by friends and family and she visits her grandparents regularly as well as Nursery so she is rarely on her own. She has a temper on her though, as I suppose all 18 month children do. If Macie doesn’t want to do something she won’t! Starting to have a few tantrums now and wanting to get out of the pushchair when we are out and about, she’s very independent.


Macie says so much now! She knows who everyone is and points to picture frames of Kris and I and says “Mamma” or “Dadda”. She calls her aunty Charlotte “lala” and when trying to say her own name she says “mayme” Bless her! There are lots of time I have caught her talking to her toys and dolls and generally chatting baby talk, it’s really coming on. Her favourite word is “no!” though and she points at you as she says it. Haha, that’s probably what we do when we tell her off so she copies. Cheeky monkey.

Food likes and dislikes?

I have found that in the last few months Macie has been fussier with her food. She loves her cereal, toast, jam sandwiches, fruit and yoghurts She will eat anything to do with chocolate and sweets but not so good on the veg side. She will eat the veg if it’s disguised inside a meal but is reluctant to eat it on its own except for peas; she will eat those most of the time. She loves chicken and potato shapes with her favourite sauce of ketchup or “dip dip” as Macie calls it. Overall she is fairly good with her food and most of the time when we go out for tea she is really good and well behaved especially if a restaurant is busy; she’s so nosey!


Macie runs, talks, laughs and understands nearly everything I say to her now Each week is different and she is becoming more and more grown up each day. Cannot wait for her to become a big sister! She loves her music still and dances and sings most of the day. A slight bit of music anywhere and she is bopping her head along or singing especially if it’s Ed Sheeran. She had her very own appointment at the dentist the other week. She has been with me before when I have had my check ups but this was an appointment just for her. I had been getting her to show me her teeth and open wide but on the day she wouldn’t do it for the dentist. He managed to peek inside and feel around though and all is good.

Overall she is turning into a beautiful little girl with a bunch of personality and giggles! I love you Macie Moo!!! xxx

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