Killer buns and inner thighs


Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Today is proper miserable monday in march weather but saturday was glorious sunshine and it got me really excited for summer. 🌞 I do like winter but I am over it by now.

My legs are heavy today after yesturday’s home garage workout. Wanted to work my glutes and inner thighs so put together two different circuits and repeated them through 6 times each. Macie was with me for most of it.  She was so funny jumping around during my warm up of star jumps and toe taps. What a cutie!


She did have a bump to the head Friday though and had to go to A&E at hospital to have her head glued. She just doesn’t stop running around…still smiling though. 🙂

I put together my workout for you below. This is a definite glute burner! Let me know if you try these or share any of your favourite glute and inner thigh exercises in the comments below.
Routine 1:
20 x squats with a kick to the side (10 each side)
20 x squats with glute kickback
10 x medicine ball (4kg) glute raises balancing on a stability ball.
Repeat 6 x through with little rest.

Routine 2:
20 x sumo squats
Hold the last squat and pulse for the 10 seconds and hold for a further 10 seconds. 
10 x medicine ball (4kg) crab walk (5 each side)
Repeat 6 x through with little rest. 

Ouch! Definite burn in the booty! Give it a go at home or in the gym.  Don’t have the equipment?  Use what you do have at home and get creative! Or just use body weight and do more repititions.

Have a lovely monday! Xx


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