23 weeks today!

Happy Friday everyone! Today I turn 23 weeks pregnant and this is my summary for the past week.





Great! A lot more hungry now than I was a few weeks back but still trying to eat as healthy as possible but the sweets have been creeping into my diet the past week. Especially as there were lots of sweet leftovers from Sam’s baby shower! Still feeling good though, this pregnancy seems to be a breeze compared to my first. My body must just know what to do this time and I don’t feel as wiped out. Either that or I am just so used to being so busy this time round with running around after Macie as well as keeping up with day to day life. I definitely think keeping active is helping a lot though mentally and physically.


Been for a lot of walks this week and managed the gym twice since Monday and a home workout too; making it a great week for exercise. Macie and I went swimming yesterday, not that we moved much though she just likes to splash about but I definitely feel great in the water; so light! We have walked around 7 miles in the last few days as I have had a little more time this week to squeeze the walks in. Love getting outside especially seeing as it feels a little warmer today and the sun is shining it definitely lifts your mood.


Weighed myself at the gym this morning and still around 10stone 1lbs so a total weight gain of 1 stone 3 lbs so far. Not too bad seeing as I haven’t been so good with the sweet treats lately! I thought I would have gained a lot more; the extra exercise must be keeping the extra weight in check.

Belly button?

Out! As you can see in my pictures it is a real button shape now.

Stretch marks?

No new ones I don’t think for now. Just the old ones seem more prominent. Carried on using Sanctuary collagen boosting cream especially before I get into bed at night. It’s a great cream as it smells lovely, rubs in easily and isn’t greasy on the skin. It also comes in a very large tub making it last ages, but I do have a smaller travel sized one too.


Lots of movements all the time now. Been trying to get Kristian to feel the kicks, however whenever he tries to feel they stop…typical!

Midwife Appointments?

Nothing this week but we did get round to booking our 4d scan for the 18th April. We paid for one of these with Macie and it was amazing so we went for the same package at the same place in Stoke called life thru a lens. They do all sorts of scans from gender scanning at 16 weeks to the 4d scan that we have booked. If you live locally to us and were thinking about a 4d scan then I would definitely go here.

Maternity wear?

Nothing new in the last week. I have been looking for a couple of dresses to wear for a few do’s and weddings I have coming up in the next few weeks but this is proving difficult. Will keep on looking but maternity styles are so not flattering; there doesn’t seem much choice out there. But saying that I can probably just buy normal clothing in a size bigger or with stretch in the fabric as I am not that big yet.


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