My best friend’s baby shower!

Hi all, Been a bit quiet this week as I haven’t had the time to write a blog post! Been trying to catch up with odd jobs as I haven’t been crazy busy with hairdressing since Monday but other things have taken up any spare time as well as my 18month old clinging onto my leg at all times haha!

Last Sunday I hosted a baby shower for my Best friend Sam. She is 35 weeks pregnant today and having a baby boy due 9th April. We have been friends for the last 8 years or so and we met working behind the bar in a pub in Nantwich when I was around 18. We hit it off and have been best friends since; we even went to work a summer season in Malia, Greece in 2009 and even though Sam left to go back home after around 6 weeks we had so much fun in that time. So seeing as we are such good friends I wanted to throw her a baby shower for all her close friends and family that could make it.

I have been addicted to Pinterest since! Looking at baby shower gifts and favours. I wanted to make some of the favours and presents so that it would be personal to Sam. I made her a little “Mum to be Survival Kit”. It was a simple mason jar filled with gifts such as lip balm, kalms, under eye cream; all useful and funny items she could use when baby comes.

I also made the favours. These took me ages to begin with but I was so pleased with them when they were done. They were little umbrella shaped cones with a candy cane for the handle wrapped in cellophane and filled with jelly beans I bought some pram shaped thank you tags off ebay to add to them.


To add to this I found a frame in Asda that you could hang pictures from. So I bought some small tags in the shape of blue baby grows off ebay and used this as Sam and Dougie’s guestbook. I got everyone to write a little note on the back and clipped them to the frame so that she can hang it up in baby’s room. It looked really cute when it was finished. I also had my friend and local beautician Amy come over to do a few treatments on Sam and the girls before we started the games. Overall we had a lovely day and I hope Sam enjoyed herself; Baby Nielson is definitely spoiled already!!

Baby showers in the UK are relatively new, so I had only been to 2 others before and one was my own! It was difficult to find much baby shower stuff around so thank god for ebay an pinterest.
Our bumps below at 22 weeks (me) and 34 weeks (Sam). image


How many of you use Pinterest for ideas? I use it for all sorts especially fitness routines and whenever I want to save any clean recipes I find online. It’s a great tool to create any board you like and save items you find on the Internet so that you can go back to them later. Also for finding other people’s pins for ideas and likes. Follow me on Pinterest here.


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