Pregnancy kettlebell full body workout

Afternoon everyone! I had time to go to the gym this morning, great to get back in there after a busy week last week and doing more home workouts. Decided I needed a full body workout today so I grabbed a kettlebell and made up a routine to combat all areas. Here is my routine…

Warm Up

30 x toe taps on kettlebell

10 x  bodyweight squats

30 x toe taps

10 x body weight alternating lunges

30 x toe taps

10 x bodyweight squats

30 toe taps

10 x bodyweight alternating lunges

Kettlebell routine: Using a 6kg kettlebell throughout

10 x deadlift sumo squats with high pull up

10 x front squats with kettlebell at chest

10 x single arm upright row (right)

10 x single  arm upright row (left)

20 x kettlebell swings

10 x overhead tricep extension

Repeat routine 6 times through. if you’re pregnant doing this routine make sure you break when you need to and take in lots of water also bear in mind your bump! If you are not pregnant doing this routine then keep going, push yourself try not to take too many breaks.

I finished this off on the treadmill with a little interval training. 1 minute walking at 5kmph and 1 minute running at 10kmph repeat for 10minutes total. Felt great after this workout! It’s getting harder and harder to get in the cardio as baby takes up more room I find it harder to catch my breath. But saying that I am still able to do quite a bit in the gym and stop if I need to.

I chose to use kettlebells today as they make you use more than just one muscle at a time. They area great full body workout tool and a great home gym tool for those of you that are not at the gym or cannot get to the gym.

Disclaimer: Remember I am not a certified gym instructor, I just post about what I do in the gym myself. Make sure you get confirmation that you can exercise from your doctor before embarking on any new exercise and diet regimes. Be safe!




Also had a new paid of gym trainers last week, Nike RocheRun. Love them! Like running in socks, so comfy.


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