22 weeks +1

Good morning everyone! Today I am 22 weeks 2 days pregnant but I took these pictures last night so technically 22+1 Here is my 22 week pregnancy summary.






Very tired still but other than that still great Starting to get a little backache if I have been stood up a lot at work but other that that I am fine. Still want to go to bed before 10pm though! Kris and I went away for a belated valentines night while mum had Macie overnight on Thursday and I couldn’t wait to get into bed by 930pm! Here is what I wore for our date night…

Bought this tank top style dress from New Look and my shoes were from Miss Selfridge a while back This isn’t a maternity dress but stretches over my bump fine. I don’t think there is much choice when it comes to maternity wear so have been making do with what I have already got but did want something new for our date night.


Been pretty good with the exercise this week so far. Just about to go do another home workout in our garage gym but I have been to the gym once and finished 2 x home workouts as well as being away for the night so altogether not too bad! I have eaten very well though and need to get back on track with my healthy eating..today probably won’t be the day though as I am hosting my Best friend’s baby shower, will try my best though!


Not sure what I weigh right now. I weighed myself Monday morning at the gym but I don’t own scales at home so will weigh myself again tomorrow morning at the gym. This Monday I was around 10 stone making a total weight gain of 1 stone 2lbs. Feeling a little larger in the thighs and tops of my arms are not as toned but other than that I don’t feel massive yet so all is good! I am hoping all of this exercise will help me for after the baby is born.

Stretch marks?

No new ones that I can see. My old ones loo like they have stretched a lot more though and as I still have a slight tan left over from Egypt you can see them more. Still using my collagen cream from Sanctuary at Boots though and love it! So creamy and not greasy at all.

Belly button?

Out! It’s huge!

Maternity wear?

I did buy a few new tops the other day as well as my dress for date night. I bought a Paris style one from River Island, but it here. It has splits up the side for plenty of room!


I bought a similar style top in grey from New Look also. Hopefully these will be good for wearing after baby too!


Lots of them now especially when lying still in bed at night Counting the kicks has begun!

Midwife Appointments?

Non this week. We paid for a 4d scan with Macie when I was around 28 weeks so we need to get this booked for baby number 2 also. Will get this done this week. These are amazing scans if anyone is considering going for one!

Overall feeling great and growing fast each day! Now off to go squeeze in some exercise and get ready for the baby shower. Have a lovely Sunday everyone xxx


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