Monday’s munch 🍌🍎

Just a quick blog to write about what I ate yesturday.  I get asked alot about my usual eating habits so this is what I had…



Half of a berry smoothie I made. I had the other half during the day to keep my sugar levels up.
Recipe is on myInstagram

I had a bowl of bran flakes with semi skimmed milk too. Slightly obsessed with these at the moment and filled with plenty of fibre especially good during pregnancy.

2 x granary baps filled with a tin of tuna mixed with a tbs of light mayonnaise and some chopped red onion.

These were quite large so I had one early around midday and the other around 2 hours later.

I had dinner cooked for me! 😀 yay! Was a lovely healthy home cooked green thai curry with chicken and plenty of veg. Had it with a little boiled rice too…delicious! I was so excited forgot to take a picture. Thank you to Shaun who made it (with a little help from my hubby) as he is staying at ours while up from London.

I had a few snacks to keep me going throughout the day. These included an apple, 2 x satsumas and a small handful of almonds (around 15 almonds).

After dinner I had a slice of banana bread I made the other evening…soooo good!

Still trying to drink around 2 litres of water a day for my lent challenge and I had a few cups of tea and some orange cordial.

Overall a pretty normal day for me. I don’t skip carbs, I just try to substitite the white carbs for brown/ wholemeal ones and eat more protein.

What did you eat yesturday? Do you find it helps to track everything you eat or do you just try to eat healthy without worrying too much? Would love to hear some opinions on diet.

Have a great day.


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