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Got to the gym with little time this morning, but no excuses got straight to it with my pregnancy approved leg and bum workout. 


Warm up- treadmill hill walk 10mins
Followed by my leg routine with very little breaks in between.

10 x right leg step ups holding 5kg weights in each hand
Repeat on left leg
20 x sumo squats using a 5kg weight.  Last one hold and pulse for 10, thrn hold low for 10 seconds
20 x right leg standing leg lifts
Repeat on left leg
5 x right leg around the world lunges
5 x left leg around the world lunges
20 x squats holding a 4kg medicine ball

Repeat the circuit 4 x through with little rest inbetween.

Cool down. 


Feel the burn!


Have a fit and fabulous Monday!