21 weeks 👶




Hello all! I turned 21 weeks pregnant yesturday and we are having another baby girl!💗 here are my 21 week updates…

Im good. This pregnancy is flying by.  The second trimester is definitely the ‘nice’ part of pregnancy. My little bump is growing so fast now.

Been mad busy at work this week but managed the gym once and a home workout.  I will exercise over the weekend too. Will be nice to get out walking with Macie.

Weighed myself last Monday at the gym. I think I have put on around a stone so far. Not too bad!

Belly button?
Well and truly out!  I don’t think it could get any further out.

Maternity wear?
Nothing new this week. Been wearing my jeans more as it’s been pretty cold here. Will need some new tops though soon. I am hosting my best friends baby shower next sunday so will probably treat myself to a new top.

Feeling lots if kicks and punches now. Still only faint but definitely getting stronger. 

Stretch marks?
No new ones yet so still doing good as I feel like my bump has doubled in size in the last week!

Midwife Appointments?
We had our 20 week scan thursday.  Everything looks fine and we found out we are having a baby girl.  They can’t tell 100% but they are pretty sure. We have more scans to come so can confirm the sex then.

Felt like eating more sweet treats lately so made some dark choc chip banana bread last night. Works out around 189 cals per piece, only 1/2 a cup of brown sugar and plenty filling. The recipe I found on Pinterest.

Choc chip banana oat bread click the link for the recipe.


Try it! Xxx


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