Team Pink or Team Blue?


Today we had our 20 week scan and we decided we wanted to know the sex of baby no 2! After a thorough check by the sonographer that our little bundle is growing ok and everything seems fine she asked whether we wanted to know the sex…we are Team Pink!


It is not 100% but she was pretty adamant that we are having a girl. We paid for a 3d scan with Macie so will be doing the same for this one, so will confirm the sex again then. Also as Macie was classed as small when she was born, we will be having a few extra growth scans; plenty of time to confirm we are growing a little lady. My poor hubby will be outnumbered by girls but will be lovely for Macie to have a little sister; especially when there will only be a 22 month age gap. I hope that they will be good friends just like my sister and I. We are happy that everything is looking good and cannot wait to meet our second baby girl. Time to think about names…

Most of you Facebook friends will know our news already but wanted to share on my blog to document it and share with the world.

Here is our baby girl scan at 20 weeks 6 days…



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