Hi all, hope you enjoyed your pancakes yesturday.  Ours were a disaster in our house. Kris normally does the pancakes however they didnt go to plan so I ended up with a few ok ones but Kris got angry and didn’t have any. Oh dear!  Poor hubby.

So today is the first day of lent and seeing as I am pregnant I don’t think it’s wise to give up anything in particular. My idea is to do something for lent instead that is beneficial to my health.  I am rubbish at keeping up my water intake daily. This is pretty important and water can help with a number of problems, so my aim is to drink half of my body weight in water each day.  Currently I am around 138 lbs but it is increasing as I am pregnant so I will round this up to 140lbs making my water intake around 70 fl oz. Just over 2 litres of water a day. I got this info from some of my fave girls on Tone it up. The link for how much water should I drink is below…
how much water should i drink

Let me know what you guys have decided to give up or do for the next 40 days. Will post to tell you how I am getting on!