Lower body workout…with bump!

Hi everyone! Today I got to go to the gym as usual so I did a lower body workout, focusing on my thighs and bum. This was my routine..

Warm up 10 mins walking on treadmill

20 x weighted walking lunges with a 10kg bar

10 x donkey kicks followed by 10 x fire hydrants. (Each leg)

10 x single leg deadlifts using a 6kg kettlebell (Each leg)

20 x sumo squats. On the last one hold and pulse up and down for 10 and then hold low for 10 seconds

20 x standing inner thigh pulse on each leg (Each leg) (Turn foot up towards ceiling and lift and squeeze your inner thigh)

20 x crab walk holding a 4kg medicine ball. (10 x left, 10 x right)

20 x squats

Repeat the circuit 3 x through. Try not to have a break after each exercise. If you are pregnant doing this routine make sure you take enough water. Have around a 1 minute break between routines and get straight back to it.

Cool Down.

This was a real good bum burner, I should feel this one tomorrow. So get out there and get it done! Don’t have a gym membership? Then do this at home! Don’t have weights? Then just repeat the whole routine one more time through or use baked bean cans, anything that can add a little weight. No excuses!!


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