Pregnancy Upper Body Workout

On Friday I got to go to the gym and do an upper body workout. As I get bigger it gets harder to fit in the cardio; I am getting slightly out of breath but I have been walking this week with Macie in the pushchair a few times so will definitely keep this up.

In this workout I used the help of a stability ball. One for comfort and the other reason being it helps with balance so you are incorporating your core into the routine which therefore burns more calories. As you try to balance, you will be using your core at the same time as lifting the weights with your arms. I used a fairly light weight and repeated the routine through 6 times.

After a small warm up and I warmed up my upper body on the assisted dip machine in the gym. I did 3 x 12 reps assisted tricep dips and 3 x 12 assisted pull ups.


This is the type of machine I used for those of you that are unsure.

I then grabbed a set of 3kg dumbells and a stability ball and got to work on my routine.

10 reps stability ball chest press

10 reps stability ball chest fly

10 reps stability ball shoulder press

10 reps each arm stability ball bicep curls

10 reps  each arm stability ball tricep kickback

10 reps bent over row

I repeated the whole routine 6 times through.

I finished with 10 elevated press ups, 50 lunges, 10 elevated press ups, 50 squats and 10 elevated press ups.

Stability Ball  Dumbell Chest Press


Stability Ball Dumbell Chest Fly


Stability Ball Dumbell Shoulder Press


Stability Ball Dumbell Bicep Curl


Stability Ball Dumbell Tricep Kickback


Bent Over row


Elevated Press up






All Images Courtesy Of Bing Images.

Hope seeing the images gives you an idea of how to do the exercises properly. Make sure you warm up and cool down especially when pregnant. I am not a certified personal trainer so please see medical assistance before embarking on any new exercise regime. It’s not a race, do the exercise properly to make sure you don’t injure yourself and also you hit the right muscles. Do this even if you’re not pregnant; anyone can give it a go!


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