20 weeks…Half way!

Half way already! Today I am 20 weeks + 2 days pregnant and this week we get to find out the sex of baby number 2!




Stuffed! After a weekend of Valentines food I am full of Steak and Chocolates. Feeling fine overall though Had a very busy week and another one to come so looking forward to a night away at the end of the month with Hubby. Been getting in bed early each evening to cope with the tiredness but I definitely think keeping fit and active is helping with my mood this pregnancy.


Managed the gym twice this week and a powerwalk with the pushchair a few times also. Not bad for a busy week!


Lost 1lb when I weighed myself at the gym which was a bit strange but I guess it will change in this pregnancy; so a total weight gain of 13lbs. Quite pleased with that but I guess I will have gained more from the weekend. Feeling a lot wider than I did but kept some tone in my legs and arms so at half way I don’t feel too bad.

Belly Button?

Out! It’s so far out now it is actually a button haha.

Maternity Wear?

Nothing new again. Still living in my maternity leggings and wearing my jeans every now and then. Comfort is definitely the way forward. My t shirts are getting a bit short now though especially the ones I wear to the gym. I have to wear quite a few layers at the gym to hold me in and to stop my clothes from riding up or falling down. Mainly wearing a pair of Nike sport leggings in a size bigger as I cannot seem to find any maternity sports wear at a reasonable price, so I am making do.

Stretch Marks?

Can still see my old stretch marks more now the skin has stretched again but no new ones. Still using my cream morning and night. Getting a lot more itchy now as my skin stretches more and over the next few weeks I know I will see a more rapid growth so will definitely be using more cream to combat the itchiness and try to prevent stretch marks.


Feeling lots of movement this week, especially at night when I am lying still in bed. Saw my belly move a little the other night; forgot how nice that feeling is!

Midwife Appointments?

Nothing until Thursday when we go to the hospital for our 20 week scan. Hopefully the sonographer can tell us the sex of our baby. I did book in for my flu jab which I had Monday which will protect myself and my baby from a few different strains of flu.

Cannot wait to find out if we are Team Blue or Team Pink! Be nice to see baby again and check that everything is healthy and growing properly. Will keep you all informed…then we can start to think about names!


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