19 weeks :)




19 weeks yesturday when I took these pics. This pregnancy is flying by, nearly half way already.

Still feeling great. Tired in the evenings and can sleep through anything but making the most of it before I get really big and insomnia kicks in.

Doing my Big booty challenge each day and have been to gym twice this week and did a home workout too. Still keeping it up! Finding it harder to concentrate on one body part like I used to so if i do any cardio I mix it up and try to do full body workouts instead.

Weighed myself at the gym yesturday and weigh around the same as my last post around 9 stone 10lbs so a total weight gain of 12lbs. Not too bad so far! I weigh now what I weighed now when I first found out I was pregnant with my first baby, Macie. I was alot unhealthier then though and ate whatever I liked and it showed!

Still nothing in particular. I do want more carbs though such as bread but still trying to eat healthy around 80% of the time and this seems to work for me. You still get to have treats and I can be strict after I have given birth to get back down to pre Preganancy size.

Stretch marks?
No new ones but my old ones seem to have stretched a little and are more noticeable.  Still using my collegen body butter from Sanctuary. Getting a bit itchy now as the skin stretches around my stomach so using cream when I can to prevent the itchiness.  Its hard when I cut hair all day and it lands on my stomach it makes it so itchy!

Belly button?
Out! Well and truly!

Feeling more movement now and it’s starting to surprise me when I don’t think about it. Nice to feel baba no 2 kicking around even if they are only faint at the moment. 

Maternity wear?
Nothing new. Really getting my wear out of my maternity leggings I had from Georgr. Love them, so comfy! Here was my outfit from yesturday…



Leggings are maternity from GEORGE.
T shirt is from River Island and is non maternity.
Grey tank underneath t shirt is maternity from New Look.

Midwife appointment?
Saw the midwife earlier this week for my 16 week check. It was a little late becausr of my holiday and fitting it in around clients but everything was fine. She checked my urine sample, did my blood pressure and checked I was generally feeling well. Next appointment is 19th Feb at the hospital for my 20 week scan.  Hopefully we can find out if we are having a boy or girl! Exciting!!!

Hope all you lovely pregnant ladies are feeling well also. Have a good weekend! Xxx

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