Home full body workout; Pregnancy approved.

No time for the gym today and no babysitter so I waited till this evening to get my workout in at home when Macie was in bed and Kris had gone to work.

Since the bump has grown more, I have moved onto full body workouts rather than focusing on one body part like I used to. My body can cope with this and I can keep my legs and arms in check…hopefully!

Here was tonights workout…
10 mins treadmill hill walk, travelled just over 1km to warm up.


Grabbed my kettlebells, mat, water bottle and music and created a circuit as follows…


12 x goblet squats using 9kg kettlebell
10 x walk out with a push up
12 x deep lunge with oblique twist using 5kg kettlebell
12 x overhead tricep extension with 5kg kettlebell
12 x bicep curl with 5kg kettlebell
12 x right hand squat, clean and press with 5kg kettlebell
12 x left hand squat, clean and presd with 5kg kettlebell.

I repeated the circuit and finished off with my day 4 big booty challenge which consisted of
25 jumping jacks
25 deep lunges
25 squats

Really felt the burn in my bum and thighs for this one. Cooled down then with a few stretches and feel great!


Try this one! Not used to exercising?  Or not used alot of weights yet?  Try a round with just body weight and see how you feel, you can always add weights if you feel like it’s a little too easy. You can just go for a short walk or run to warm up if your without a treadmill or jump on the spot, skip, bike, whichever just so long as you increase your heart rate and warm up those muscles and joints. 

Enjoy xx

Remember I am just a fitness enthusiast, I am not a qualified personal trainer or nutritionist so please be sensible and careful when taking on a new fitness routine; especially all you pregnant ladies out there. Stop if you feel too much pain or dizziness. Consult your doctor beforehand to check you are fit to exercise.  Listen to your body…It’s very clever!

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